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This little piggy...

Create a cool piggy bank from an old juice bottle.

This little piggy...- instruction sheet

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Resene kids art with Mark Rayner - Project 08

Difficulty level: Moderate

You will need: Glue, Large plastic juice bottle, Masking tape, Paintbrushes, Resene Quick Dry Acrylic Primer Undercoat, Resene Testpots in the following colours: Resene Alabaster, Resene Black, Resene Cosmos and Resene Studio, Scissors, Two toilet roll tubes, White pipe cleaner

Top tip: You could paper mache with newspaper and glue instead of masking tape.

Here's another idea: This polka dot money box was made from an old yoghurt pot and testpots of Resene Spritzer and Resene Bright Red.

Make a piggy bank
This little piggy...

Make a money box
Another idea: Make a money box

Step 1
Step one
Remove the screw cap, cut a slot in the top side of the juice bottle and cover the edges with masking tape.
Step 2
Step two
Cover the entire bottle and cap with torn off pieces of masking tape.
Step 3
Step three
Cut the toilet roll tubes in half and attach to the bottom side of the bottle with masking tape.
Step 4
Step four
Paint your piggy bank with one coat of Resene Quick Dry Acrylic Primer Undercoat. Allow to dry then paint with two coats of Resene Cosmos.
Step 5
Step five
Paint two eyes and a big smiley mouth with Resene Alabaster. When this has dried paint the inner eye with Resene Studio. Allow to dry.
Step 6
Step six
Paint details around the mouth, eyes and ears with Resene Black. Finish off by gluing on a curly pipe cleaner tail – now get saving!

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