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Lucky winner

Create your very own lucky black cat painting using a few Resene Testpots.

Lucky winner - instruction sheet

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Resene kids art with Mark Rayner - Project 39

Difficulty level: Easy

You will need: Paintbrushes, Pencil, Primed artists’ canvas board, Resene Testpots of Resene Alabaster, Resene Nero, Resene Surfie Green and Resene Wild Thing

Top tip: If you don’t have an artists’ canvas board just use thick cardboard primed with one coat of Resene Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoat.

Here's another idea: Create a cute dog painting using testpots of Resene Cupid, Resene Gorse, Resene Havoc, Resene Korma, Resene Nero and Resene Tangerine.

Create a lucky black cat painting
Lucky winner

Create a cute dog painting Another idea: Dog painting

Step 1
Step one
Paint the artists’ canvas board with two coats of Resene Wild Thing, allowing two hours for each coat to dry.
Step 2
Step two
Use the pencil to draw a large cat shape on the canvas board, as shown.
Step 3
Step three
Paint in the cat with two coats of Resene Nero, allowing two hours for each coat to dry.
Step 4
Step four
Paint the eyes with Resene Surfie Green and a smiley mouth with Resene Alabaster. Once dry, paint in the pupils of the eye with Resene Nero.

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