10 paint colours inspired by Guy Fawkes fireworks

Back in 1605, the infamous Gunpowder Plot took place that has since gone down in history. Several plotters attempted to blow up the English parliament along with King James I, but of course, they failed to do so. One of the plotters, Guy Fawkes, was caught red-handed on site, and to this day a bonfire with a fabric or straw Fawkes figurine is burnt down to celebrate the King's survival.

Many fireworks displays are used to celebrate the momentous occasion every year on November 5, lighting up the sky in many countries with fabulous, bright colours.

Don't just wait for November to enjoy these bold, fiery hues – bring Guy Fawkes home without the fire hazards by painting your walls in these colours. Some are metallic to replicate the firework glow. 

  1. Resene Glitterbug
  2. Resene Gold
  3. Resene Copper Fire
  4. Resene Bright Red
  5. Resene Spotlight
  6. Resene Go Go Go
  7. Resene Yeehaa
  8. Resene Bright Lights
  9. Resene Adrenalin
  10. Resene Starstruck
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