10 paint shades inspired by the Pacific

Packing up your home and heading to a tropical island for a holiday can be tempting. But when reality kicks in and you have to get back to the daily grind, how can you make your home a place that's still enjoyable to kick back and relax in?

There are many ways you can bring a splash of the tropics to your home's interior design. 

If you're struggling to pick paint shades for the walls or select furniture colours for your living room, kids' playroom or home office, considering drawing some inspiration from these colour schemes.


When you think of islands dotted throughout the South Pacific, transparent, tropical waters probably come to mind. 

At the sandy shores of these relaxing holiday havens are crystal-clear waters – a real treat for anyone ready to take a dip or go snorkelling. If you want to emulate this inviting hue, why not try out Resene Morning Glory in your bathroom or for a kitchen backsplash?

This watery sea blue is crisp and fresh, making it a top tropical pick. If you're nervous about painting entire walls this shade, use it for skirting boards and crown mouldings and keep walls off-white. Add cushions and curtains with flecks of this shade for maximum effect.

There are deeper shades of blue in the Pacific once the ocean gains depth. Shades like Resene Blue Lagoon and Resene Bahama Blue are excellent choices for a bedroom feature wall, daring front door or home office. 

Shades of blue look excellent paired with apple green, cream and slate.


If the thought of white sandy shores makes your heart leap, you might just be ready for an escape to the Pacific.

Alternatively, if reality's keeping you from heading on an overseas adventure, perhaps engage in some simple renovations that play up sandy shades?

Try a lick of Resene Sandy Beach on the bathroom walls – it will pair well with polished wooden floorboards and dark grey accents. If you're after something with a bit more colour to it, Resene Golden Sand is a luxurious butter-yellow that's perfect for kitchen and bathroom accessories. Pair it with cream walls to make any room feel instantly fresh and light.


In order to really embrace a tropical theme, you'll need to adopt touches of green throughout your home's design.

Patterned sofa cushions with leafy designs are a good pick for sunrooms and kids' play areas, while a simple feature wall in the living room can add a more dramatic touch. 

Bring out your inner explorer and utilise Resene Crusoe, which is a vibrant green with blue undertones. This playful shade is a good one for bedrooms and home offices – either use it on the walls or paint key pieces of furniture this shade for a less daring approach.

Leafy hues pair well with off-white, cream and deep brown. Other tropical-esque colours include Resene Watercourse – a jewel green – and Resene Pacifika. The latter has ochre undertones, making it a good shade for accessories and curtain trims. Keep walls a warm cream when using this hue throughout your living space and kitchen. Sometimes small splashes of colour can be more effective than going over all the walls with bold hues.


Finally, there's nothing quite as magical as a tropical sunset. 

You'll be tickled pink at some of the paint colours on offer, from Resene Chilean Fire to the aptly named Resene Sunset. From peachy hues to electric oranges and reds, there are numerous sunset-inspired shades.

When selecting these colours, remember to pair warm shades with cream or warm white walls. By contrast, reds with cooler undertones work a treat with cool-hued neutrals.

You can play up these colours as much as your confidence allows. If you're hesitant to go all out by painting the walls, why not select a few signature pieces of furniture, add some leafy indoor plants and a piece of art that pays homage to the Pacific?

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