11 steps to your new home

Building your own home comes with all the possibilities of seeing your own dreams and ideas come to fruition – while also offering extra challenges and difficulties.

Jennian Homes has recently released a magazine article outlining the eleven steps that you can expect to take from those original thoughts all the way through to moving in to your new abode.

Your dreams

Every new home starts as a few ideas swirling around in your mind – so don't think that just because it's something you haven't done before or don't know much about that you can't turn it into a reality. These are the basics like what kind of style you're after, how many bedrooms you'll need, do you want a deck?

Gather your thoughts

Once you have the basics more or less decided, you can start to think about how everything will work together as a liveable home. You can now pull together all your thoughts and get them ready to talk through so that you can decide if it's all possible.

A personal consultation

The next step is to get a professional involved. They will be able to work with you to ensure that your walk-in wardrobe can fit in next to the luxury bathroom while still achieving a home that lives up to your eco-friendly goals. Basically, they will help to figure out the basic details with you during this important phase.

Making plans

Here you can really start ramping up your planning. You'll decide on the layout of the home and how it will reflect the personality you want to inject into your dwelling. One of the most important things here is to remember to have fun – you're literally building your future, so while it will come with its own stresses, it's also a great time to remind yourself of the joy of the job.

Money talks

Estimates are drawn up based on your designs and this is the point at which you will need to put your money where your mouth is with a deposit. Depending on your builder and your situation, you'll also be looking at setting up a mortgage at this time.

Working drawings

At this stage, you get to see your dream start to come to life with drawings outlining the details of your design with all of your choices and decisions together in one place.

A great quote

Once everything is on paper and ready to go, you will be offered a quote for the total price of construction including materials, labour and time. With Jennian Homes a five per cent deposit is required at this stage but this will vary depending on your chosen provider.

Permission granted

The next step is to sit back and relax while that provider checks through all the requirements for your build to ensure that compliances are met and all the paperwork is in order before that first hammer meets its first nail.

Building excitement

Then you get to watch as your home starts to have foundations, walls and a real structure. You will usually pay progress payments as you go, but meanwhile you will be able to make regular site visits to see it all coming to life.

Move in

Think about those first few thoughts swirling around in your mind as you walk through the front door for the first time and see it all in a physical form. There's almost no experience that will match that feeling of seeing everything come to life and finally being able to start enjoying it.

Living the dream

Finally, Jennian suggests that this is the point where you get to 'live the dream'! Start playing with the details like homewares and soft furnishings and enjoy the feeling of owning your own home!

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