2 themed bedrooms kids will love

A neutral colour scheme might be the go-to option for the master bedroom, but there is no shortage of ways you can use paint, wallpaper and a bit of ingenuity to create an exciting room for the kids.

If you're after some decorating ideas for young children's bedrooms, we've got some brilliant suggestions for themed bedrooms. Whether there are echoes to royalty or references to the ocean, you can turn an otherwise bland room in a creative space that kids will adore.

There are plenty of wall decals, curtains and pieces of furniture that will ensure you can change the room as children get older.

Absolute royalty 

There's something captivating about the idea of a magical castle sitting proudly on a hill, flags blowing from its turrets. 

Your home might be your castle, but why not turn your child's bedroom into a true palace?

You'll first need to settle on a colour scheme. For the ultimate princess room, pair pale pink with cool white for a whimsical effect. There's nothing more apt than Resene Pretty In Pink, a sweet, soft pink. 

While a four-poster bed might seem a little extravagant, there's no need to purchase such a piece of furniture brand new in order to fit with the royal theme. Instead, take to some old broom rods with sandpaper before painting them with a sweet pink. Use lengths of inexpensive white or pink fabric to fix the rods at the four corners of a single bed. You can then drape or wrap fabric around the rods to create a bed fit for a princess – without the royal price tag!

An alternative is to use a blue and gold colour scheme. Whether you create a canopy for the bed or paint some second hand wooden chairs and a low drawing table these royal colours is up to you. Don't forget about the fun that a few cardboard boxes can provide, either. Use a craft knife to cut out gaps and create the impression of a castle's turrets. Just be sure to keep the boxes away from heaters in order to minimise any fire hazard.

Ocean explorer

There are plenty of beds on the market that defy convention and are instead shaped as boats, cars and other exciting objects.

While it might seem like a big investment, if it makes bedtime that much easier, it could be a good option. A boat shaped bed with complementing navy, white and red linen is fit for the most enthusiastic, pint-sized sailor. 

Don't forget about adding the perfect ocean-themed touch with wall decals of fish, whales and other creatures of the sea. 

A large, circular rug in a blue similar to Resene Captain Cook adds the ideal finishing touch for budding explorers, mimicking the big, wide ocean. Add glow-in-the-dark star decals to the roof for a dazzling touch. You could even use this as an opportunity to teach your young ones about celestial navigation. We might be living in an era of GPS, but that doesn't mean there's not a chance for some bright stars and a fun lesson.

You could even decorate window frames from the inside to look like a boat's portholes by adding a lick of gold paint and weaving thick rope around the frame.

When it comes to toys, remember to add the perfect ocean explorer's tool – a telescope! 

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