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Inspire office productivity with the right paint colour

If you've been charged with designing a new office space or are responsible for renovations, you may want to carefully consider your choice of paint.

Studies suggest that different colours of paint evoke certain feelings which can impact on your work. Keep your office environment positive and inspire productivity by selecting from the following colours:


Green is a fantastic colour choice for spaces where balance and serenity are encouraged, according to colour psychologist Angela Wright in an interview with A Year of Productivity.

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Prepare for summer with a fresh coat of colour

If you're considering doing renovations in the near future, let the sunny season guide your choice of paint.

Summer palettes usually consist of cool blues and greens, and avoid anything too bright or 'hot'. You could opt for subtle paint colours and keep decorating understated to let the sunshine speak for itself, especially if your home has a lot of indoor-outdoor flow.

Turquoise is a quintessential summer colour but it can be quite bright. Consider painting a feature wall in the hue (try Resene Windfall) and pair it with crisp white to keep the colour from becoming overwhelming.

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Keep your home cool with insulated curtains

Daylight saving is around the corner and it's finally time to get excited about summer.

Before you start digging through your wardrobe for your jandals and togs, have a think about how you're going to keep your home cool through the sunny season.

Curtains have long been heralded as an inexpensive and energy-efficient way to retain heat in the winter months. What's less publicised is their ability to keep the sun out of homes, helping rooms stay cool in summer.

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Paint your garage door

If you're thinking about selling your house and want to give it some curb appeal, you may want to give your garage door a splash of paint.

This will make your house stand out from the crowd, inject it with character and encourage prospective buyers to stop and take a look.

You'll want to choose a nice, sunny day to paint, and preferably one with as little wind as possible. This means you'll be working in a safer environment, as well as a much more comfortable one.

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Spare a thought for striped wallpaper

If you're choosing wallpaper for your home, you've probably come across striped wallpaper.

There are many types of striped wallpaper, and a multitude of ways to use it to awe-inspiring effect.

It can be an especially handy option if you would like some sort of pattern in a room and have a penchant for the symmetrical!

Bold or Subtle

You can opt for bold or subtle stripes, depending on your preference.

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Fifty Shades of Grey

You've probably heard of, or even read (though you might not want to admit it), 'Fifty Shades of Grey' by EL James.

This best-selling novel isn't about paint, but it appears to have inspired a trend amongst home decorators.

The internet is overflowing with images of gorgeous rooms that have been brought to life by this versatile colour.

When it comes to interior design, you can't really go wrong with grey.

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Are you thinking about renovations?

Australia has one of the highest rates of asbestos-related disease in the world, according to the Asbestos Education Committee. New Zealand, too, is affected by this dangerous and prevalent home-building material.

That's why National Asbestos Awareness Month, which will take place from November 1 to 30, has been organised. It aims to inform and educate people about the dangers of asbestos.

This is especially pertinent if you're planning on renovating your home in the coming weeks and months.

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Are you renovating your kitchen?

The kitchen is often regarded as the heart and soul of any home.

It's where your family and friends come together to eat, drink and be merry – so its interior design should exude happiness and warmth.

If you're thinking about doing some kitchen renovations, we encourage you to spend a fair amount of time poring over paint colours and wallpaper patterns.

It's important that you love the way your kitchen looks and feels. If you don't, it might affect your cooking!

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A colour scheme inspired by Van Gogh

If you're looking for some home decorating ideas, have you consider going to an art gallery for inspiration?

We're not saying you should paint a replica of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' on your living-room wall, although it would probably look stunning if you did.

However, you might find a piece of art that contains a colour scheme that really speaks to you.

You can then use this colour scheme in a unique way in your living room or bedroom design.

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Keep it simple and calm in the bedroom

Ah, the bedroom. The sanctum sanctorum of the household, where you can go to relax and unwind after a tough day at work or school.

The bedroom is a private space that very few people are permitted to enter – apart from its owner, of course.

However, just because it doesn't get seen by the discerning public on a regular basis, doesn't mean you shouldn't put a lot of thought into your bedroom design as it's one area of your home where you can indulge your colour ideas without feeling it's on show for visitors.

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