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Design a multi-purpose room that shines

If you're lucky enough to have a spare room at home that doesn't need to be used as a regular bedroom, it's important to maximise the space. 

Realistically, you probably won't have room for a home office, activity room, sewing room, entertainment room and home gym as population growth puts pressure on lot sizes and subsequently extra home space.

However, we've got some clever home decorating ideas to help you turn a single room into an incredibly useful space!

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The highest of heights: Design round-up

Design trends and decorating ideas are constantly morphing, with those making the key decisions drawing influence from a range of sources.

It appears that some of the latest innovations coming out of the design and development industry are all about height. From multi-purpose skylights to sloped roofs and even a multi-storey creative hub, designers and city planners are looking upwards for inspiration.

As a specifier, it's essential to keep on top of what's occurring in the industry, so you can respond to client requests accordingly. Having a finger on the pulse, so to speak, is a must. 

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Positively perfect porch ideas

They say that eyes are the window to the soul. When it comes to your home, it's the windows that are the eyes to its very heart. 

If your property has a front porch or verandah, making this area as inviting as possible is a must. After all, it reflects on the rest of your home.

We've got a few ideas when it comes to keeping this space as attractive as possible. Of course, practicality is important as well – there's no point designing a street-facing verandah that is gorgeous but is lacking chairs!

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Wonderful weekend home projects

Once the working week has come to an end, the weekend holds plenty of promise. However, that's not with reference to Friday night work drinks or lazy Sunday brunches – not that these activities aren't fun!

What you can do with your weekend, which you might not get a chance to during the week, is freshen up your home. 

Setting a day or two aside to complete some DIY projects can be incredibly rewarding once you've seen the end product. From sprucing up your deck to painting a chest of drawers, there's no shortage of activities that will make your home look that much better, with not a lot of effort required.

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