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Kitchen upgrades: Stewing over whether to renovate?

Many homeowners see their kitchens as their pride and joy – a space that represents cooking, entertaining and family time. For others, the kitchen can be a source of gripes, particularly if it's in poor condition or the appliances are out of date. 

There are some signals that some kitchen renovations might be needed, from peeling paint to shabby flooring. If any of them apply to your property, it might be time to pick up a few pails of paint, some rollers and work on turning your kitchen into a space that you enjoy using.

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Living room design trends you’ll love

Are you on the hunt for some fresh home decorating ideas? With an abundance of inspiration swirling around the internet and scattered through the pages of interior design magazines, it can quickly become difficult to decide on what would suit your living space. 

Here are some positively perfect ideas for decorating your living space – you're sure to love at least one of them!

Remember, you can go all out when decorating, or save yourself a few dollars and focus on touching up just one or two aspects of the space, such as the paint job and key pieces of furniture.

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