3 colours for a loud yellow

When a room is painted yellow, a feeling of positivity and confidence will likely brew within you. Depending on what other colours accompany it, these emotions can either be subdued or accentuated.

With such a strong, psychological hue , you may be wondering which paints work well with yellow. Listed below are three shades that won't clash with your sun-coloured room. 

1. Resene Hot Purple

Purple often inspires thoughts of regality, and Resene Hot Purple certainly possesses an element of royalty. Used as a secondary paint, it can accompany your optimism with spirituality, allowing you to think inward with a cheerful attitude. 

2. Resene Midnight 

Maybe you're looking to complement your happiness with some mental stimulation. In that case, Resene Midnight, a deep blue, can add a level of depth to a room painted a light gold or deep yellow. 

3. Resene Chamois

At times, it's appropriate to go lighter, especially when you're working with a deeper yellow. Resene Chamois offers that kind of contrast – a softer shade that could also serve as a dominant counterpart. 

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