3 reasons why neutral shades are a good option

Sure, it's nice to play around with big, bold colours. From red to blue, you can embrace the entire rainbow in your home, if you wish. However, sometimes it pays to draw back your interior design and embrace some of the hottest cream, beige or grey shades hitting homeowners' walls.

In fact, some of the most popular Resene paint shades are all about calm and calculated neutral hues. Topping the Resene Top 20 list is Resene Tea, with warm Resene Spanish White and classic Resene Half Pearl Lusta also making the list. 

In fact, all the shades on this list are neutral shades, from green-edged neutrals to yellow-based shades. Even so, there's still an extensive selection within the range, whether you're after a cool grey, warm yellow or rich tan.

Neutral shades are a winning choice for many reasons. By all means, if you're a colour lover, go all out! But remember – there are plenty of benefits to staying cool, calm and collected. 

1. They're not risky

Have you found some playful home decorating ideas, but are wary of whether you can pull them off?

When embarking on the decorating journey, the potential for getting it wrong can ring strong in your mind. 

Often, these nerves are unfounded. Chances are, if you trust your instinct, you'll likely end up with an end result you're delighted with.

However, painting your living space cobalt blue and realising your patterned furniture doesn't match or discovering the violet shade you selected isn't quite right can be cause for a headache. Meanwhile, neutral colours can be far less risky.

Whether you've got polished wood furniture or kooky fiberglass chairs in bright shades, neutral walls will lead to a more refined look overall. If you're not ready to take a risk. 

2. They're a good first choice

If you haven't painted your home before or have moved into a new property, you might be hesitant to give the walls a lick with energetic yellow or fire-truck red paint.

These colours certainly have their place, but you would have to be pretty gutsy to use them as a novice. 

When you're entering the magical world of DIY for the first time, ease yourself in by picking a shade like Resene Sea Fog or Resene Sisal for a kitchen, living room or bedroom makeover. 

This way, you can tackle the technical aspects of painting your property. Good preparation is key to getting a great finish. You'll need to start by washing interior walls, as well as the applicable joinery and ceilings. 

Dust and dirt on the walls is a big no-no! Filling any nicks or holes in the wall is essential – otherwise any bumps and holes will show up in the final finish.

After you've picked up the rollers and taken to the walls with your selected neutral shade, you'll need to apply a finishing coat, whether it's Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen, Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom or another finishing product.

With the right preparation, products and a careful hand, you'll be ready to go! However, it's perfectly reasonable that this might all seem a bit overwhelming. Choosing a neutral shade instead of going all-out orange or hot pink can help ensure a stress-free painting process. And sometimes once the walls are all neutral, it's much easier  to see where to add feature walls of colour without being distracted by the old shades.

3. They're timeless

It's not mere chance that the shades on the Resene‚Äč Top 20 list are of the same calibre.

Cream, beige, tan, grey and cool white are popular for good reason – they're timeless. 

From 1950s bungalows to contemporary concrete-clad properties, neutral shades are a popular hit for properties' interiors. They don't date, making them a wise choice if you want to sell up in the future or future-proof your home for the decades to come.

If you want a living space that's both timeless and spacious, a neutral shade is a sound option.

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