3 wallpapers for your kids’ rooms

Children are unique beings. Each boy and girl is different and can have a vast range of opinions, likes and dislikes.

Rather than forcing them into a room painted pink or blue, you can help them embrace their passions and their individuality by decorating their bedrooms with images they really love. From the furniture to the walls, it's easy to add a little creativity and uniqueness into their living areas.

To help, here are just three options currently available in the Resene Boys & Girls Wallpaper Range:

Ship for your little sailor

This paper places cute cartoon boats and lighthouses over a biscuit beige background, to inspire a life-long love of sailing.

These boots are made for wallpapering

Whether selecting paper for your daughter or little man about the house, their love of shoes can be a great inspiration with these options for boys and girls.

Creatures great and small

Does your kid have a love of dinosaurs? How about butterflies or frogs? No matter their preference, there are plenty of cute and creative paper choices for your little creature.

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