4 interior design schemes inspired by the outdoors

Decorating your home should be an enjoyable affair. After all, it's an opportunity to add your own personal touches to what's likely your single biggest asset.

That doesn't mean it's always going to be easy to pick which renovations to complete! With an abundance of ideas out there, it can be hard to settle on a single design theme when making over your kitchen or reinventing your living space. Why not take inspiration from the outdoors and try out some of these fabulous colour schemes?

Snowy peaks

Whether you're a ski bunny or stay far from the mountain during the cooler months, there's no denying the natural beauty of snowy peaks. 

Matched against a bright blue backdrop of cloudless skies, you've got a winning combination for decorating your home.

Pair Resene Alabaster with Resene Subzero for a totally cool look. This combination of crisp white and frosty blue looks great in the bathroom as well as kitchen. Use blue for the upper third of the walls, for a feature wall or for a point of difference on the ceiling.

You could even take this idea quite literally, using builders' tape to paint a snowy peaks mural in a child's room.

Autumn leaves

The crunch of leaves underfoot is a classic autumn memory. By the time the warmer seasons roll around, it's easy to forget the magic of gold, brown and red leaves falling to the ground in droves. 

However, that's not to say you can't take on a bit of autumn inspiration when renovating your home at any time of year.

Whether you're painting walls, picking new furniture or extending your outdoor area, consider some of these delicious autumn hues. 

Try out Resene Grenadier, Resene Galliano or Resene Lusty for a charming touch. Remember to use deeper shades carefully – they are brilliant at creating an intimate space, but can make a room appear closed-off if you don't have appropriate lighting or windows in the area. 

These hues all match warm, buttery creams very well – so if you're nervous about making too big an impact, keep the walls a light neutral and use autumn shades for curtains, flooring and accessories.

An ocean of colour

The various shades of blue and green of oceans across the globe make for some excellent design inspiration.

From deep, moody hues like Resene Torea Bay to Resene Spinnaker to fresh shades like Resene Time Out and Resene Malibu, there are plenty of ocean-cool paint colours on offer.

But don't stop at the walls! A bold kitchen backsplash, ceiling-to-floor painting, living room sectional or set of bathroom towels all look fantastic in these beautiful blue hues.

Bump things up a notch and add red and white stripes throughout your home for a chic, nautical look, if you please.

Classic brown

It's all very well looking up at the trees, gazing at the mountains or setting your sights on the horizon.

But sometimes it pays to go underground.

Earthy, soil-inspired shades might not sound that romantic or charming, but they're a truly fantastic pick if you're decorating your home.

From ochre-tinted colours to cooler browns, there are so many shades to choose from, the hardest decision will be settling on a palette of brown hues for your home!

Sweet shades like Resene Cinnamon and Resene Brown Sugar will add warmth to your living room. Pair brown walls with cream flooring and furniture and touches of taupe. The key is to keep the overall scheme neutral – avoiding adding bright splashes of blue or red, lest you overdo the effect. 

Alternatively, something richer might be on the cards. Why not take a swig of inspiration from Resene Dark Rum? Use this colour for a horizontal stripe on cream walls, to highlight crown moulding or for key pieces of furniture. Pair it with off-white, slate and tan for a chic, timeless feel. Dark brown also looks stunning for the exterior of properties.

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