5 DIY paint projects to embrace the current metallics trend

Metallic accents are all the rage in interior design right now. From copper light fixtures dangling from the ceiling, to laserfoil prints framed on the walls, metallics are everywhere. The good news is there are many ways of incorporating this trend simply by picking up a paintbrush and a can of paint from the Resene Metallics and special effects colour palette.

Here we look at five ways of using paint to embrace this trend.

But first, let's see what professionals have to say about the value of this trend. 

What's all the dazzle about this trend?

"Set to make an impact in the coming seasons [the] metallic finishes will range from smooth and shiny to worn and riveted," said interior stylist Sarah Slimm, in an interview with the UK's Daily Mail newspaper. "What better way to add a touch of luxe and glamour to your room?" 

As you can see, there's no one way to use metallics – you can be as creative as you like. Textured finishes are just as welcome as flat, polished surfaces when it comes to metallic accents. Go for gold. 

"Metal can appear everywhere, from bookshelves to tiling to furniture, where it appears in sinuous sculptural forms," wrote Lucy Denyer for the Telegraph. 

This gem of advice opens your mind to the various items that can use a touch of metallic paint. It's not just your walls or flooring, but also furniture pieces, windows, doors and small decorative items that can sparkle. 

With that in mind, let's check out some sparkling ways to bring shine to your home with metallic paint. 

1) Chrome lighting

Paint lamp stands and bases in Resene Copper Fire to give an industrial design feel to your lighting. Both white and yellow light will suit this paint's coppery tone.

2) Feature wall pattern 

No matter what base colour your walls already are, be it neutral or a strong, bold colour, there is a metallic option to suit. For example, green room walls can be livened up with some Resene Go Go Go, while white or cream walls could use Resene Silver Aluminium for a lighter shimmer.

Once you have chosen the best metallic paint option for your existing walls, simply grab hold of some low tack masking tape and create wall patterns. Chevron, polka dots, stripes – any pattern can be created by alternating your current wall colour with its metallic accent. Voila – an easy feature wall! 

3) Gold bookends 

Go to your nearest thrift store and look for chunky, heavy books with a big spine and hard cover. Remove the paper jacket and paint the cover with Resene Gold. Place these at the ends of your bookshelf, or as decorative pieces under your coffee table. 

4) Metallic drips plant pots 

Not everything has to be neat and tidy – there's a certain beauty in chaos. Dripping paint creates its own unique designs and shapes, not much different to a Jackson Pollock painting. Dip the base of your pot directly inside the paint can, flip it upside down and let it drip dry over some plastic sheets or newspaper. Grow some plants inside for a cool metallic accent. You can also paint only the rim of another pot and keep it next to this dripped one, for a sharp contrast in messy and neat. 

5) Accented furniture base, legs or arms 

There's no need to go buy an entirely new set of metallic furniture such as bar stools or bedside tables. Just give a generous coating of paint to certain parts of your furniture – whether it be the back of the chair or the legs of a stool – with some metallic paint.

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