5 home decorating ideas that won’t date

Refreshing your home and undergoing some renovations – big or small – can be seriously rewarding.

But how do you know which kind of renovation is right for your living area, kitchen or outdoor space? While that deep red paint and fluffy white rug might be in vogue now, will it last the test of time?

When decorating any area of your home, it's essential to look to the months and years ahead. While it's well and good to follow interior design trends, you don't want to end up with a property that looks dated within a year of completing laborious, expensive renovations.

Striking the balance between on-trend and timeless might seem difficult, but it doesn't need to be. Here are some home decorating tips that are sure to last the test of time. 

Off-white walls

It's a tried and true approach to home decorating: off-white walls.

However, this obvious neutral doesn't need to be boring. Pick a shade like Resene White Pointer or Resene Half House White and go crazy in the kitchen, living area and bedrooms.

No matter the accessories and furniture you buy, you can be sure these fresh paint colours will match them.

Plus, these shades will make even the smallest of spaces seem brighter and bigger – a huge plus for homeowners with small properties!

Neutral bathroom

It can be tempting to take some liberty with your bathroom design and throw turquoise, bright yellow or mint green on the walls.

In many instances, these paint shades look striking.

However, if you're concerned about your wild paint choices coming back to bite you, go neutral. You can warm up a bathroom that tends to feel too cool with warm tan or brown walls and combine your favourite colour with a tiled shower and stainless steel fittings.

Go for Resene Triple Pavlova, which is a golden brown, on the walls, and tiles a shade similar to Resene Half Gravel for the shower.

Change the artwork

Are you a big fan of fuchsia, a lover of lemon yellow or an aqua aficionado? 

These bright, lively shades add personality and zing to any space. You should certainly embrace them in your home if you're a colour fan.

However, a bright blue couch, yellow rug and pink curtains might make your living space seem like a scene from Willy Wonka, rather than a classic family home. 

In order to bring bold pops of colour into your home, take a fresh look at your artwork.

Paint your walls an olive beige, such as Resene Eighth Arrowtown, then hang colourful artwork. You can move paintings, watercolours and prints around at your own whim and ensure there's always a splash of your favourite bright hues, without having a home with dated design.

Go minimalist

Sometimes, it's a smart idea to embrace the minimalist trend. 

This interior design aesthetic is based on the premise that few items should be used for maximum impact. That means stripping back unnecessary furniture and clashing colours, in favour of a simple, refined feel. 

Neutral shades should be used predominantly, particularly for your walls, flooring and curtains. However, a bright colour – or two – is still welcome. 

With the minimalist trend, remember that less is more!

Use fewer colours

If you want to keep your home design timeless, there's one final tip that will help your aims. 

Pick fewer colours for decorating all and any rooms. That's not to say you have to use the same colour scheme across the whole house, but within a single room it's a wise idea to use as few colours as possible.

Pick two neutral shades and a third more eclectic shade, for instance. This way, you'll get a splash of colour but have a home that's timeless.

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