8 steps for making your bathroom a relaxing oasis

One of the most relaxing things to do after stepping inside from the bite of the winter cold is to run a hot bath. Bathrooms aren't just a space for cleaning, they can be a room for unwinding and taking a much-needed break.

Whether you like to soak in the tub or get a massage from the burst of water coming out your shower-head, here are eight steps to decorate your bathroom like an oasis of comfort. 

1. Paint the ceiling a calming blue.

Shades of blue typically make us feel serene, calm and soothed. Lying back in the water of the tub, you can gaze up at this sweet colour on the ceiling and even have it reflected in the water you're soaking in. Some lovely blue choices are Resene Danube and Resene Awash – even the name of the second blends well with a washroom! 

2. Wallpaper the walls with luxurious patterns. 

Treat yourself! Surround yourself with patterns fit for a king or queen by wallpapering the bathroom in Resene Feel Good. This one is also super washable, so feel free to give your beloved walls a scrub when they need it! The blue tones will complement the ceiling, too. 

3. Match your loo to the bathroom. 

Most houses these days have the toilet in a smaller, separate room adjacent to the bathroom. A good way to get some uniformity of style is to match the two spaces. Paint the ceiling in the same colours, and wallpaper three of the four walls.

For the wall directly above the flush, though, add a spunky wall decal like Resene Crown or Resene Chandelier to make an otherwise dreary room into a humorous, laugh-out-loud-worthy area sure to delight your guests as they use the facilities! 

4. White-wash your doors and cabinets.

White works really well with blue, so white-wash all the wooden elements in the bathroom using Resene Colorwood Whitewash. It will remind you of a beachy, holiday mood. If you have wooden floors, whitewash or paint them too.

5. Buy some soft slippers and mats.

For extra plush comfort, purchase navy blue bathroom slippers or cobalt blue bath mats to match the entire decor. Stepping out of the water and into these fluffy fabrics will keep your toes warm and toasty! 

6. Add floating shelves for jars of bath salts.

Recycle old jam jars and fill them up with bath salts. You can easily make your own homemade bath salts using sugar, baking soda and essential oils for yummy-smelling results. A few drops of food colouring can help get a spectrum of shades so your row of jars looks pretty as can be. White-wash the shelves too, to match the overall theme. 

7. Keep scented candles nearby. 

Ahhh, there are few things more simply indulgent than sitting in a bubble bath with some deliciously fragrant candles lit. Even in the shower, seeing the warm flames glow through the glass is sure to make you feel in a luxurious mood! 

8. Place a sliding wooden tray over the tub.

Reading a nice book in the tub, or better yet, having a glass of wine and a bowl of some chocolates, can take bath-time relaxing to a whole other level. Get a wooden tray wide enough to lay along the width of the tub, resting it on the grooves of the bath's edge.

Kids will also love having a tray around for putting their toys on while rubber ducks float nearby. If they're not too fond of bathing, use the tray to keep them entertained with colouring-in books. White-wash it to match the doors and cabinetry. 

These easy steps can transform your bathroom into a blissful oasis to soak up some serene vibes in. 

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