Accommodation colour choices for the daring

For many people who choose a paint colour for their hotel, motel or serviced apartment, the choice is all about long term planning.

Picking a paint colour that will stand the test of time is certainly a financially wise investment, as it means you won't have to paint again in the near future.

If you can paint your walls any colour you like, what does that mean for your business?

Many people who frequent these sorts of accommodation options often complain that "the inside of a hotel room always looks the same".

So why not be daring, try something new, and set your business apart with unique interior design?

You don't have to hire a professional to organise every little detail (although you can if you want to or are undertaking major changes), but talking to the expert team at Resene can give you a fresh insight about colour choices that will stand out from the usual beige and neutral tones that you often find in hotels, motels and apartments.

You could choose a deep red for a feature wall. Reds, like Resene Pohutukawa, are popular year in and out and are as safe as neutrals for never going out of style. The warmth and vibrancy will make your guests feel a lot more at home and may help to reduce some of the heating costs as the room will feel warmer through autumn and winter.

For the more daring, pick an in-season colour like citrus lime as a feature, and use it to liven up your interior spaces.  Then plan to repaint it more often than the neutral wall colours.  Choose a small number of feature colours and use them in different rooms, rather than having a different feature colour in every room.  Make sure the colours you choose are easy to tell apart.  That way you can use the same container of paint for multiple rooms which will make the feature spaces very affordable and it will be easy to know which paint to use for any touch-ups if they are needed.

When your accommodation property has all of the essentials, it can pay to make yourself stand out from the crowd and provide a feeling of cosiness and warmth for guests – who will most certainly remember you for this point of difference.

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