Be playful with 50 shades of grey

It's easy to dismiss grey – it's a colour reminiscent of dull skies, rain and sleet.

However, there's so much more to grey than negative connotations. In fact, playing up various shades of this seemingly bland colour can actually work wonders in your home.

If you're contemplating home decorating ideas, it might pay to pare things back and keep it simple. Grey, in its various hues, can lend a welcome sophistication to living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Grey will match an array of furniture designs, rug patterns and accessories. This means with some simple touch-ups, you can completely reinvigorate your home without having to overhaul the entirety of your interior.

Start with the walls

It goes without saying that you can make dramatic changes to your home by painting the walls.

In the bedroom, consider a hue like Resene Rakaia. This shale grey is the perfect pick for bedroom's – it's got a cool aesthetic that will look fantastic with pops of colour. Add vibrancy to the space with bed linen, throws and coffee tables in shades like azure and canary. 

In the living room, try Resene Double Stack. It's a deeper grey that looks stunning with off-white crown molding and polished timber or concrete flooring. Or pair it with thick-pile tan carpet for a contemporary, chic aesthetic.

The stormy grey that is Resene Half Tuna has blue undertones that makes it the perfect pick for a roomy bathroom. In small bathrooms, go for a shade like Resene Delta, an ochre-hued grey that's got a welcome warmth to it.

While the thought of painting your property's interior spaces grey might seem bleak, things are not so black and white. There's an impressive selection of grey hues to choose from, so you're sure to find a paint colour for every room. Use the Resene Find-A-Colour tool to pick the perfect grey.

Play with textures

Once you've found the ideal grey hue for your selected room, you'll need to think about textures. 

An oversize mirror with a rustic-looking wooden frame, plush cushion covers, thick, tan curtains and a glass-topped coffee table can work together together if you've got grey walls. Rather than making a brave statement by painting your walls red or yellow, you can make a more subtle impact by embracing various textures. 

In the bathroom, pair matte floor tiles with glossy shower tiles. In the bedroom, embroidered linen, a silk bed headboard, patterned ceiling-to-floor curtains and a mohair throw will add complexity to the space without being too dramatic. Such items can be varying shades of grey to match your walls, or you can throw a curve ball and embrace white, maroon, navy and moss.

Let the light in

There are different temperatures of paint, from buttery-warm shades to extremely clinical, cool hues. 

No matter which paint you choose, it's important to let plenty of light in when you embrace grey in your home. Think about installing skylights in your living space or bathroom or investigating the feasibility of sliding glass doors in your living room. 

Freestanding lamps add personality to living rooms and bedrooms and can add much-needed light. A lamp with a polished stand with reflect other light sources off it, while a cream lampshade lends a touch of class. You need to focus on more than the structure – be sure to pick a bulb that's got a rich, yellow glow. This will ensure your living space retains a sense of warm.

Halogen lights are a good option in the kitchen, particularly around your kitchen splashback and preparation area.

Bright colours such as yellow and pink add a lightness – use them sparingly to contrast against the grey, such as in vases and side tables.

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