Break into the mosaic trend

There's nothing quite as striking as a mosaic feature wall in your home, whether it graces the kitchen, dining room or bathroom. 

Mosaic tiles as well as more intricate designs are a popular way to personalise a space, because there's a seemingly endless selection of colours and patterns to choose from. 

If you're thinking about breaking into this trend, why not consider some of the following ideas? Remember, you can pair your new mosaic feature with bold paint choices and your existing furniture.

Mod squad

Black and white square mosaic tiles look stunning in bathrooms, whether they're lining an expansive shower or decorate the floor. 

You'll need to carefully consider the kind of size of the tile. The smaller the tile, the more flexibility you have with creating unique patterns.

These monochromatic mosaics can be balanced by the addition of some splashes of yellow or green. Consider painting cabinet exteriors or interiors with Resene Hive and adding hand towels and flowers in the same shade. 

The effect can be quite intense, so you may focus on a mosaic feature, while painting a few walls with Resene Perfect Taupe or Resene Biscotti to balance the overall impact.

Create a scene

An indirect mosaic application involves the assembly of a mosaic sheet, which can then be applied to an area anywhere in the home. 

This could be a wise choice in hard to reach spots, such as bathroom shelves or kitchen splashbacks. It's also an ideal approach if you want to create a figurative scene, whether it's a representation of flowers in bloom, ocean waves or a pop-art inspired figure.

Pre-assembled mosaics are a smart way of incorporating a truly personalised piece of artwork into your home, whether the mosaic work weaves around interior pillars, is placed on the back of a door or is laid across an entire wall. They can look equally beautiful on an exterior wall as well.

A mosaic print is a bold move, so consider it carefully!

Abstract blues

If you want a more haphazard feel, mosaic tiles of different shapes and sizes could be the right kind of material to work with.

You could embark on a do-it-yourself project yourself or could get a professional to turn your home decorating ideas into a reality. One brilliant idea involves blue. 

Creating a mosaic using varying tile shapes, both small and large, gives you the ability to create something truly unique.

Pairing shades such as turquoise, royal blue, azure and navy can result in a stunning final mosaic. You don't need to create a particular design and can instead focus on something abstract that embraces these lush, bold shades.

Complementary shades of blue look stunning in bathrooms, where you can cover everything from walls to the vanity and toilet seat!

See the Resene projects section for step-by-step instructions to get you started on your mosaic.

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