Caring for your curtains

Once you've made the decision to hang curtains in your house, you may find they require cleaning over time. Open windows cause curtains to absorb moisture and dirt from outside, and dust and dirt from air vents and ceiling fans can also settle on the fabric. The dust that accumulates on curtains can be damaging to those with asthma or allergies, so it's a good idea to keep curtains as clean as possible.

To help ensure curtains look fresh, dust and vacuum them as part of your normal household cleaning routine. You can use anything from a feather duster to damp cloths, or a dusting attachment that will fit over your vacuum cleaner nozzle. Start at the top of the curtains, working your way down the fabric so the dust falls on to parts that are still to be cleaned.

Pay special attention to hems and folds, as this is often where the bulk of dust and dirt accumulates. If you use a damp cloth to clean the curtains, make sure you vacuum first to avoid spreading and smearing dust and dirt particles over the fabric. You don't have to take curtains off the rails to dust them, either. Leave them hanging and be sure to tend to both sides of the material.

If you think your curtains are due for a more thorough clean, it's important to consider the fabric used in their construction.

Some curtains, such as those made out of polyester, polyester blends, printed cotton, linen and hemp can be hand washed in warm water. Others, like velvets, raised woven fabrics, and anything with a viscose, acetate, silk or wool blend, should be dry cleaned on a low temperature and short cycle.

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For more information, see the Resene Curtain Care webpage.

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