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Have a pattern party in your lounge with one of these 6 curtains

You've put the coffee table in place, the couches have been set up and the shelves have been decked to the nines with family photographs. Now it's time for the curtains!watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016 film now

Add some texture and pretty patterns to your lounge with one of these six curtains. Pssst … for those of you who love all things matchy-matchy, many of these have matching cushions to snuggle up with on the sofa. 

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Do the curtains match the colours?

Ever walk into a friend's living room and feel immediate discomfort? You can't figure out what's causing it, but it's there, pulling you away from your discussion. 

Don't worry: You're not going crazy. Chances are, the living room in adorned with a curtain that simply does not complement the colour of the walls. As a person with a sense of style, this may drive you to insanity.  

So, we're going to tackle this issue: Should the curtains match the colour?  

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A shady story: How to hang curtains

Sure, blinds might be all the rage. But sometimes all you want for your property are stunning curtains to reflect your home's design and keep your home insulated during cooler months.

Hanging curtains doesn't have to be a difficult process – this step-by-step guide will help revitalise your living space, bedroom or study. Set aside a weekend day to measure and install these home essentials.

1. Select your design

It might seem like an obvious step, but you don't want to underestimate the importance of picking the right curtains for your home. 

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Tricks with colour and curtains for small homes

Do you live in a small home that seems dull or cramped at the best of times?

While many homeowners dream of having more space in their property, smaller homes aren't all that bad. For one thing, your power bill is likely to be a lot cheaper!

There are some relatively easy fixes that will make the space of a small home seem brighter and more welcoming. By playing around with your paint colours and adding certain styles of curtains, you can turn a small space into a truly fabulous area for relaxing with the family.

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How will a curtain’s fabric affect your room?

Aesthetically, curtains can make a huge impact on a room. Their colour, design and finish can help tie in with a design theme or provide a point of difference in your home.

What you may not know is that the curtain fabric itself can have an effect on how much light and heat is allowed into a room.

Before you start redecorating your home this summer, find out which curtain weights are best for your space.

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Top curtain tips from the experts

Adding or updating curtains in your home can serve many purposes, the most obvious being a quick and easy visual transformation. But there's lot more to curtains than meets the eye! Before you update your drapes, take a look at these pro tips to ensure your curtains look their best all year round.


Probably the most important part of the entire process is selecting the perfect curtains for your room. You have both fabric and design to consider, so don't rush this decision!

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Heater-free ways to keep your home warm this winter

Heating homes throughout winter can be extremely expensive, as electric heating devices can drive your power bill up much higher than usual. Thankfully, there are some clever interior design ideas you can try to keep your home toasty warm without breaking the bank or hurting the environment.


Curtains provide an excellent seal between windows and your home's interior. Thermal curtains with blockout backing provide an extra layer of protection, making it much harder for warm to escape and cool air to get in.

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Caring for your curtains

Once you've made the decision to hang curtains in your house, you may find they require cleaning over time. Open windows cause curtains to absorb moisture and dirt from outside, and dust and dirt from air vents and ceiling fans can also settle on the fabric. The dust that accumulates on curtains can be damaging to those with asthma or allergies, so it's a good idea to keep curtains as clean as possible.

To help ensure curtains look fresh, dust and vacuum them as part of your normal household cleaning routine. You can use anything from a feather duster to damp cloths, or a dusting attachment that will fit over your vacuum cleaner nozzle. Start at the top of the curtains, working your way down the fabric so the dust falls on to parts that are still to be cleaned.

Pay special attention to hems and folds, as this is often where the bulk of dust and dirt accumulates. If you use a damp cloth to clean the curtains, make sure you vacuum first to avoid spreading and smearing dust and dirt particles over the fabric. You don't have to take curtains off the rails to dust them, either. Leave them hanging and be sure to tend to both sides of the material.

If you think your curtains are due for a more thorough clean, it's important to consider the fabric used in their construction.

Some curtains, such as those made out of polyester, polyester blends, printed cotton, linen and hemp can be hand washed in warm water. Others, like velvets, raised woven fabrics, and anything with a viscose, acetate, silk or wool blend, should be dry cleaned on a low temperature and short cycle.

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Window treatment trends

There's now more you can do than ever to dress up a window, from curtains to blinds and everything in between.

Neutrals are still a hit

There are so many bright colours, patterns and textures to choose from in curtain fabrics these days. However, neutral curtains that let other furnishings speak for themselves are still a popular choice for many rooms.

Neutral shades are timeless, allowing you to play around with colour and patterns in other areas of the room. Even if you change your wall paint colour or the theme of a room several times in the same year, neutral curtains are likely to match any new theme you bring in.

Luxurious fabrics are in

Why not make your room feel a little lush by indulging in some quality curtains? Fabrics such as silk, organza, velvet and suede can drape beautifully and add a hint of glamour to a room, no matter how sparsely decorated it is otherwise.

Sheer fabrics are hot

Semi-transparent curtains are a great way to bring the outside indoors. You can use them on their own or layer them underneath heavier fabrics to create a two-curtain effect. In summer you can leave sheer curtains, such as the Resene Meander Voile, drawn with a window open to create beautiful shadows and effects with wind dancing underneath the light fabric.

Trims and embellishments

Update plain or patterned fabrics with extra embellishments such as beading, tassels and studs. In many cases you can apply these details yourself.

Beaded trim can be added to a wide range of curtain styles and designs. Whether your base material is plain and neutral or already bold and bright, a hint of sparkle or texture on your curtains can be a great way to update the whole appearance of your room.

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Match your curtains to your walls

If you're about to undergo home renovations you may have already figured out what colour combinations you want to use in your space.

One of the trickiest elements of decorating a room is making sure all the colours balance each other. The Resene Curtain Collection makes this easier with its  line of curtains designed to complement popular paint shades.

What's more, the fabrics can also be made into cushions to adorn your couches, bed and anywhere else you like. This allows you to carry specific colour and pattern themes throughout an entire room.

Choose from fashionable stripes through to neutral block colours and then let your curtain specialist do the rest. You can even add blockout backings to keep your home warm in winter and keep out sun in the hotter months

For neutral, earthy rooms, have a look at the Haven design. It's been created to reflect the styling of a Kiwi bach, and is available in three natural colours. Resene specialists can recommend the best shades of paint to go with them, or you can head online to view the range of complementary colours yourself.

For rooms where a more luxurious design is desired, try the Turntable curtain. It's finished in a striking silk effect with graphic cylindrical designs. You can choose between a chocolate and merlot colour scheme, both of which look great paired with dark, muddy shades of paint. This theme would be fantastic in lounges and studies that require a winter palette.

Lovers of bright colours may want to try the Abstraction curtain design. With its bold floating abstract shapes in punchy citrus and berry tones, it would look great paired with bright primary coloured paints.

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