Decorate rooms for children

If you're in charge of thinking of decorating ideas for children's rooms, it's time to think outside the box. There's so much more to designing fun spaces for kids than simply using bright colours and cartoons.

If you're designing a new bedroom, think about a theme that you can weave throughout the room. Ask the child what their favourite character, sports team or music group is, and think about incorporating this into the overall theme of the room.

It could be as simple as painting a mural or putting up a poster of their chosen icon, and then selecting colours and furniture around that.

If the child loves Disney, check out the Resene Disney collection and your local Resene ColorShop. You can cover an entire wall with your child's Disney hero, or a scene from their favourite movie!

If you're redecorating a larger area, such as a library or kids' room at a hospital, you might want to consider turning the room into an educational space. Maps and planets are now available as wall decals, and you can put models and interactive books throughout the room to carry this theme through.

Some children may not want bold designs in their rooms, so for them you could simply paint their walls a fresh colour and change their soft furnishings and light fittings to freshen up the space. Ask what their favourite colour is and see if you can add that to the new decor, even if it is simply an accent in artwork or you could paint it onto frames or drawers using Resene testpots.

You could hang artwork that the child has done throughout the room to remind them of their achievements and help foster a sense of pride in their work. Placing family photos and awards the child has won throughout the room is another great way to add a personal touch.

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