Design a productive office

If you're in charge of an interior design overhaul of an office space, it's a good idea to consider what colours, furniture and layouts will be best for this space. It's a different beast to designing homes, so follow these tips to help make the most of the area.


It's widely acknowledged that different colours can have different impacts on people's moods and behaviours. Bear this in mind when selecting paint for a workspace.

Blue is often regarded to be the best colour for painting your office, as it's believed to inspire productivity. It might be best to choose paler shades of the colour to avoid overwhelming the space with bright hues, especially if the office is small and doesn't get much natural light.

You could consider painting a feature wall in Resene Refresh, a reviving and harmonious shade of pale blue, and leaving the rest of the walls in a more neutral colour.


Jobs that are dominated by computer work require a comfortable setup, including ergonomically-designed chairs and desks. Some offices have started to make the switch towards standing desks in a bid to improve employee posture, fitness and productivity, so you may want to consider incorporating one or more standing desks into your concept.

Many offices these days are open plan, so you'll need to consider the best desk layout to maximise space and flow in the room. It might also be a good idea to think about ways employees can personalise their space, as this can be challenging in open plan offices.

Special touches

If you can, try to inject some of the company's personality into its office. A travel company's workspace could look great with a world map spanning one wall, where employees can mark destinations they've already seen and some they'd like to visit in future. A marketing or design office may benefit from a wall painted in Resene Blackboard Paint or Resene Write-on Wall Paint , allowing them to use a wall as space to brainstorm ideas.

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