Dig the desert? Embrace it at home!

Homeowners often turn to nature when they're seeking interior design inspiration, and it's no wonder.

Worn – yet loved – wooden flooring, ocean blue walls and plush moss-coloured rugs all embrace nature's way and look fantastic in a range of properties – from compact apartments to sprawling country homes. 

One valuable source of inspiration when it comes to natural hues is the Australian outback. The rich hues can be embraced in a number of ways, whether you're selecting paint, curtains or new living room furniture. 

Time to rock and roll

One of the most significant natural landmarks Down Under exists in the heart of the Australian outback. 

You don't need to actually venture to the heart of Australia when you're in search of home decorating ideas – though it does make for a great holiday!

Located 468 km from Alice Springs via National Highway 87 and the Lasseter Highway, Ayers Rock is a revered landmark that visitors flock to. Otherwise known as Uluru, a visit to this breathtaking hunk of sandstone is a must when the sun is rising or setting. 

Around dawn or dusk, rich hues of yellow, orange and ochre paint a truly mesmerising picture. The rock's appearance changes depending on the position of the sun, while its sheer immensity makes for a truly special experience.

Embrace Uluru-inspired shades

When selecting paint shades for your living room or bedroom, why not draw inspiration from the wild outback?

Alternatively, you might opt for a cool grey on your living room walls, adding vibrant orange, yellow ochre touches by way of furniture, rugs and curtains.

A shade like Resene Golden Bell adds instant richness to a space – use it for a feature wall, or pare back and add cushions and throws in this shade. 

Perhaps you're a fan of earthy browns. If so, you'll love Resene Chelsea Gem – the perfect hue for furniture coverings or dressers. 

And of course – give thought to incorporating the aptly named Resene Ayers Rock!

Pick a single shade – or two at the most – then embrace a warm white or cream elsewhere in the space. This will ensure you maximise the impact by creating a contrast between your Ayers Rock-inspired hues, rather than over-doing the look. 

What about a feature wall?

If you're feeling brave, you can always use vibrant orange, brown, yellow and ochre shades on a feature wall. 

Pick a wall in the living room that receives light during the afternoon or evening. The natural light will add a new dimension to the paint, amplifying its natural wonder. 

A brown-tinged orange on one wall will pair well with cream walls, leather furniture and deep brown wooden floors. Embrace plenty of natural materials and avoid shades that don't play up the outback theme.

If you want to create a truly authentic space, do away with turquoise, pink, canary yellow and bright green accessories – keep these for elsewhere in the home!

Give the front door a lick of paint

Painting your entire property's exterior with an ochre or rust hue might not be the smartest move. 

However, a desert-inspired front door can look stunning if your home's exterior is slate, cream or what. Creative use of colour requires some guts, so painting your front door is a good trade off – you get to add some personality to your property without going overboard. 

There's one more finishing touch to really embrace the Australian outback theme.

Place some terracotta planter pots with succulents or native grasses on your front porch for that final touch. Even if you're living in suburbia, you can bring the heart of the desert to your own humble abode.

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