Don’t forget your ceiling!

It's often one of the most neglected parts of a room, but experts agree that the ceiling is effectively a fifth wall and should be treated as such.

If you're undergoing renovations in your house, make sure you take your ceiling's colour into consideration in order to make your home even more polished.

Before you begin it's essential that you have the right tools. You should have a paint roller with an extendable handle, as it's safer and easier than standing on a ladder to paint your ceiling.

As you would when painting any walls in your home, you should remove as much furniture from the room as possible before you get going. Put drop cloths down to catch any splashes and remember to use tape to mark around the area if you're painting the ceiling a different colour to the walls. Always paint your ceiling first before your walls – then if you spill anything you won’t ruin already finished walls.

White has long been considered the perfect colour choice for a ceiling as it can make the room seem larger and brighter, however using a different colour can add a point of difference to your space and provide a welcome contrast.

Dark ceilings can make the ceiling seem lower, but this may add a sense of warmth and intimacy to your room. You could employ this technique in rooms where you want things to feel cosy, such as in a home library or media room.

If you are creating a tone on tone colour scheme, a good option is to use a lighter strength of your wall colour.  So if you like the Resene Tea family you could use Resene Tea on the walls, Resene Half Tea on the trims and then Resene Quarter Tea on the ceiling.  The colours will all work well together but with the changes in colour strength and different gloss levels will be much more visually interesting than just painting everything one colour. Use the Resene whites & neutrals collection for neutrals colour families to get you started.

Ceilings are usually painted using very low sheen or completely flat paints, as this helps to hide issues that can arise from unflattering lighting. Resene SpaceCote Flat could be the perfect choice for your home, as it's a flat, washable waterborne enamel wall and ceiling paint that is also available in a fly repellent formula. Or opt for Resene Ceiling Paint, a popular low sheen waterborne paint or Resene Earthsense Ceiling Paint for an option that uses more renewable materials.

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