Empire State of Mind: 5 home decor ideas inspired by New York City

From yellow taxis racing down the avenues to vendors selling pretzels in Central Park, the Big Apple is a city that has captured the hearts and dreams of millions of people the world over.

The stunning Manhattan skyline, complete with the iconic silhouette of the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Centre, is one of the most-loved views by both New Yorkers and tourists. 

If you'd like to bring some of the spunk, lights and sounds of New York City to your home, here are five ideas to put you in an Empire State of Mind. 

1) Top of the Rock 

The easiest way to hint at this bustling city is through pictures of the skyline. The shape of all the buildings along the harbour, with the Statue of Liberty in the distance and Brooklyn Bridge stretching across the East River, can instantly transport you there.

You can use the Resene New York City wall decal in your lounge, placed horizontally above the fireplace, or in a bedroom as a replacement headboard. It comes in a range of colours so you can contrast it with colourful bed linen and pillow covers. 

2) Subway sensation 

Detailed, crisscrossing subway maps are some famous imagery from this city. Grab a hold of some paper maps, or print them out, and laminate them. These would make quirky place​ mats to put on the dinner table and will surely impress guests!

To add to the NYC menu, you can host a dinner party and serve up some hot dogs, big pizza slices and cheesecake. Show off the menu by painting one wall of your kitchen with Resene Blackboard Paint to help you feel like you really are seated in a cafe by East Village.

3) Yellow taxi tribute 

Bright and happy, the yellow colour darting in and out of streets as taxis make their way around is a major New York feature. Resene SpotlightResene Hive and Resene Teddy can all bring the warm glow of these to your home.

Whether you paint the walls with these colours or run a brush over smaller accents like the backs of wooden chairs or the legs of tables, a tribute to the taxis is easy with these shades. 

4) Brooklyn brick walls

Apartment lofts in New York are loved for their exposed brick facade, so if you already have brick areas in your home, be sure to make them a focal point. You can draw the eye towards these walls by decluttering the area nearby, keeping furniture like sofas and coffee tables a fair distance away.

A great way to let the natural, rustic, earthy tones of the bricks stand out is by placing lamps near the wall, so the light can cast a warm glow and bring out the brown tones even more. 

5) Think Tiffany's

Ah yes, Breakfast at Tiffany's – perhaps one of the most famous movies ever to be set in New York. People can still visit the flagship store on Fifth Avenue, maybe putting on a string of pearls and large sunglasses to do their best Audrey Hepburn impersonation. 

In a New York minute, you can bring the glamour of Tiffany's to your home (for far less cost than those diamonds!) by wallpapering a feature wall with Resene Black & White 3 – a stunning monochromatic portrait of none other than Audrey Hepburn herself, complete with her long cigarette holder in hand and hair wrapped up in a bun. The surface is pitted and textured, and also has metallic accents running through in shades of silver. 

Honk, honk! honk! Is that the sounds of Times Square gushing through your home already?

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