Gear up for gaming: It’s time to renovate that garage

A games room is the ultimate space to sit back, relax and enjoy something that isn't work. You can install all kinds of fun amenities in them, too, ranging from electronics to pool tables – not to mention everything in between.

Here's the problem, though. How many homes actually have the space for one? 

Rather than give up on the idea, instead take a look at your old garage. If it's not filled with junk, garages make for the perfect gaming area. They're both away from the main living space to keep noise levels down, and you are less likely to be disturbed by other people's guests or other things happening in the house. Sound like a good idea? Then it's time to start renovating.

What do I do if my garage is too dark?

A common problem when revamping an old garage is that they are often too dark. As they generally only store cars or disused junk, windows are a low priority and lighting is fairly minimal. As a result, it doesn't make for a very inspiring gaming area… yet.

The window problem is unavoidable, as knocking out an extra window may not be possible. However, that doesn't mean you can't still brighten the place up with extra lighting. Consider changing out the fluorescent tubes or dim bulbs for something with a bit more 'oomph'. Hanging pendant lights come in a range of shapes and colours, meaning you can fit them to just about any theme. Modern, cylindrical lampshades look great for a contemporary space, though you may also want to consider a traditional antique look for some character.

Think about your curtain options, too. Garages often have no curtains as they aren't a priority in the house. To make the room a little more homely, and more like an actual room, install something like Resene Beyond Flame. This will instantly warm the space up, as well as glow with a gentle sheen under your pendants.

What do I do with the space?

What you do with your space will depend on how big the garage is. For example, if you have a larger area and you still want somewhere for storage, why not partition a section off by installing an interior wall? You can then leave the storage room as is and focus all of your efforts on sprucing up your new gaming haven. 

If the walls are a boring concrete colour, splash some paint on them to liven it up a bit and separate one space from the other. 

A modern room with plenty of chrome, steel and other contemporary looks would benefit from a bright neutral colour wheel. Consider Resene Rice Cake for the walls with splashes of Resene Quarter Stonehenge and Resene Blast Grey 3 to highlight.

Alternatively you could go with the colourful approach, trying out a feature wall of Resene Monza to add a warming glow to an otherwise cold room. 

In such a concrete space, wooden panels are excellent at adding that homely appeal. Throw in furniture such as a mahogany entertainment unit for the TV, add in a feature wall behind the bar or turn the dull grey floor into a wooden wonderland.

Some rugs wouldn't go amiss, either, so you're not constantly stepping on a cold floor. A jet black shaggy number would fit in great with a chrome-inspired space, whereas more colourful, patterned rugs would suit just about any theme. 

Lastly all you have to do is add in the entertainment! Will it be a pool table, electronic entertainment unit, fully stocked bar or something else entirely? When you've created the space, what you do with it is entirely up to your imagination.

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