Get festive with a Christmas window display

If you manage a store or business, you'll be well aware of just how close Christmas is.

For many, this means stocking up on candy canes and starting the Christmas shopping, but for those in the retail sector it means it's time to sort out your visual merchandising.

One way to start with this is by creating a unique and engaging window display. Paint a traditional scene on the window or go for something different by writing down the lyrics to popular Christmas songs. Feliz Navidad, Snoopy's Christmas and Jingle Bells are all classics, but there are plenty to choose from. You could even pick key lines or choruses from a selection of your favourite jingles and work these into a collage.

Inside the window you could recreate the famous manger scene or fill the space with polystyrene balls to represent snow, mimicking a winter wonderland. Add paper snowflakes and even a fan to push the polystyrene "flakes" around the window, creating a flurry of activity for shoppers to admire. A white painted background, such as Resene White, will further enhance the "snow" effect.

However, since our Christmas is traditionally hot and sunny, why not opt for a summer Santa scene? Emulate Christmas Day on the beach with a statue of Santa in his speedos on a surfboard, or put a barbecue, some jandals and a bottle of sunblock in the area to represent a true Kiwi Christmas.  Paint a cape cod chair and some props in Christmas colours to complete the look.

If you don't have the time or budget to create a work of art, sometimes simplicity can work just as well. Hang Christmas baubles and ornaments on strings and hang them vertically down your windows to create a curtain of sparkly decorations. Fairy lights can also be highly effective, especially against a dark backdrop and when lit up at night.  Dip some Christmas ornaments in your store’s colours using Resene testpots for a unique Christmas display that will go with the rest of your signage.

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