Ho ho how to make your own Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags

Make your own wrapping paper like this, created using Resene Gold metallics.

Help your stack of presents stand out from the pile under the Christmas tree by designing and making your own wrapping paper patterns and DIY gift tags! Here's how to make both. 

Wrapping paper

Grab rolls of eco-friendly brown recycled paper. Spread them out on your workstation, using paper weights to keep the edges down. Use sponges to cut shapes of Christmas trees, or if you're short on time, just use round make-up sponges to create the shape of Christmas baubles. Dip into paint test pots of red and green colours such as Resene Havoc and Resene Bingo, then stamp across the paper. Voila! A custom printed wrapping paper.

An alternative to sponges is to use old Christmas cookie cutters, especially rusted ones that won't be of much use anymore. Dip the metal into the paint and use the outline as your print. You can even overlap these to create intertwined outlines. 

Gift tags 

Take an on-trend industrial chic approach to your tags by painting rectangular pieces of card with Resene Blackboard Paint. Draw on snowflakes or other patterns with chalk around the words 'To' and 'From'. Punch a hole and tie it to your present with twine. What's great about these is they are re-usable, so paired with the eco-friendly paper, you're indulging in an environmentally friendly, green Christmas. 

To add to this 'green' theme, create mini wreaths to hang next to the chalkboard tags using string, spool wire and fresh herbs. Here's a step by step guide:

  1. Make a tiny round shape by twisting the wire together
  2. Remove leaves from the bottom inch of the stem of your chosen herb
  3. Twist the herb all the way around the wire 
  4. Use more wire or floral tape to secure in place
  5. Tie some string or twine to the top of the mini wreath, then finally hang beside the chalkboard tag

Your loved ones will be smiling before they even open their present! 

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