How can painting your home be relaxing?

Believe us, painting can be relaxing.

For many, the task of painting a new room can be quite dull. After all, people don't watch paint dry for fun, now do they? But we think just the opposite – watching paint can, in fact, be fun.

Picking out paint is a chance to invite a little bit of freshness into your home, and as long as you take your time, you can find the process quite relaxing. 

Don't believe us? Check out what we mean below.

Feathering the paint swatches is therapeutic

Grab The Range fandeck – what does everyone always do right away? Spread it out so it makes a beautiful display of paint options, of course. Getting the colours so they all fan out to make a perfect gradient of samples is insanely therapeutic. And, guilty pleasures exposed, who doesn't enjoy spreading the whole deck out and fanning themselves off as they peruse all the other paint samples around the store? 

Don't forget, as you consider your options, you can pick the right colour to psychologically help put your mind at ease! Hint: It's blue shades, like a Resene Blue Moon coloured paint that have the special ability to make the mind feel more relaxed. So, if you really want to take healing and relaxation to the next level, opt for blue vibes. It's the perfect colour for most rooms, as you might be able to guess that a colour with this power isn't great for a room that sees a lot of energy.

Truly hypnotic, isn't it?Truly hypnotic, isn't it?

Watching paint mix is hypnotic

There might not be a science behind this, hey maybe it's just an artist thing, but there's something so incredibly relaxing about watching paint mix. In fact, there are social media accounts dedicated to swirling paint colours together. You could spend hours watching just one loop, truly! Whether you're mixing paints on your own palette, or just watching your new living room colour getting ready in the shaker at your local Resene ColorShop, you could just find yourself completely entranced as the colours swirl to make a new one. 

The brush strokes are subconsciously rhythmic

Painting a wall is like a wax on wax off situation. Eventually, as you continue to paint your body gets into a natural rhythm that you almost can't explain. As you continue to paint, your subconscious registers that you're covering the old with the new – you're giving yourself a fresh start. It's the perfect way to reset your internal clock.

Feeling relaxed yet?Feeling relaxed yet?

Creating a room concept is rewarding

Having the eye to tie a whole room together is incredibly rewarding. You get to watch your vision – nay, your dream – come to life before your very eyes. You flipped through countless magazines and scrolled dutifully through Resene's blog to figure out exactly what you want to do to pull the whole room together. This isn't just picking out the colour of course, it goes deeper into selecting rugs, curtains and throw pillows. 

But finally, after all that hard work, you've created your concept, gone through all the previously mentioned steps, and now you're ready to sit back in your comfiest armchair and take in all your work. Take a deep breath and slowly release it. All that hard work wasn't so hard, after all, was it? Just like we said, it's actually surprisingly rewarding. 

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