How to bring your decorating ideas to life

Are you about to embark on some home renovations? If colour's involved – whether on the walls or in your furniture selections – be sure to familiarise yourself with some of the clever colour tools available.

These online and tangible tools will help you bring your interior design ideas to life and ensure you're delighted with your refurbished kitchen, living room or otherwise!

1. Use the ColourHelper tool

It can seem tricky to coordinate all the colours in a room. Regardless of whether you want a perfectly consistent vibe or something a little more carefree, it's a smart move to have an understand of which colours will work together.

Remember, there are so many variables to contend with, from walls and flooring to furniture, curtains and accessories. The Resene ColourHelper is a stamp-like tool, which you can use to read target colours. For instance, you might want to evaluate your curtain colour or the hue of your couch. The tool will notify you of the three nearest Resene shades and give insight into complementary hues as well.

If you're renovating an area in the home and want to keep an existing element, such as a bright feature wall or a special piece of furniture, the ColourHelper tool can guide you down the right path! You'll be creating harmonious colour schemes in no time.

2. Embrace your personality

Once you've used the ColourHelper tool, you'll have a good idea of which Resene paint shades complement your existing curtains, rugs and furniture, and can pick paint hues for the walls accordingly.

Or you might be keeping your wall colours the same, but want to invest in new furniture.

Of course, sometimes you'll want to do more than match shades. Instead, you might want to take a bit of creative freedom and explore what shades are out there. Once you've used the ColourHelper tool, move on to the Resene Colour Match Online assistant, which will help you find the corresponding hue to your favourite nuanced shade or red, blue, purple or any other colour under the sun!

You can use the Resene ColourHelper free at any Resene ColorShop – just bring in a swatch of the colour you want to match.

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