How to buck the design trends in 2015

Knowing what the upcoming paint and colour trends are can be a great way to inspire your own designs and decorating choices. However, sometimes it pays to be a little different. Whether just wanting to start a conversation or simply ensure your home is distinctive from your neighbours, bucking the trends when it comes to your paint and wallcoverings is a good place to start.

If you've always preferred to strike your own path and set the trends rather than follow them, here are three quick tips for forgoing the popular and achieving a truly unique design:

Know the trends

To break the rules, you have to know what they are. From the 2015 colour of the year to general wallpaper trends and paint developments, once you understand what is influencing other people, you can effectively take steps in the other direction.

For instance, Resene's own research into design trends shows that this year is all about floral paper, such as the Ibiza collection, or textured wallcoverings like the Resene Hidden Richness collection.

In order to get a unique style in your home, it could pay to instead look for a covering that goes against these two trends, like a smoother, less natural design. For example, your lounge could become a statement piece if you paper a feature wall with a striking Manhattan-style product, like the city-inspired Manhattan 2375-21.

Choose your own style

While a decor that bucks the trends can be achieved by understanding the rules to break, a truly inspirational design needs to come from the heart. Rather than being led by what not to do, try thinking about what you do want to do.

Ignore the articles, news pieces and publications telling you about current trends and instead strike out on your decorating journey without a map. Don't be afraid to start from a blind area and just try things until you find what fits.

A good idea could be going into your local Resene ColorShop and standing in front of the colour palette display. Then, take your time with the spread and think about which hues really speak to you. It shouldn't be too difficult to find a shade that actually appeals to you without an outside influence telling you what to think.

Pick something retro

While fashion seems to be rather cyclic, meaning older trends eventually do come back into style, you can avoid the trend-setting dopplegangers by plucking a older design out of the past yourself.

Don't wait for a favourite vintage style to come back into vogue according to the rest of the world. Try being the fashion-leader yourself by selecting the next decade that should become your statement piece before anyone else tries to bring that particular era back in style.

For instance, while other people are focusing on the 1950s and '70s, according to Business Insider Australia, you can instead decorate your home to relive the '80s or go in the opposite direction and enjoy a swingy '20s revival.

If these sound appealing to you, it's easy to find inspiration for your interior design. Whether you'd prefer to watch a film set in these eras – think The Breakfast Club and The Great Gatsby – or are willing just to work off your own imagination, there is nothing stopping you from turning your home into a homage to your favourite decade.

Of course, the best thing to remember when trying to achieve a completely unique design is to just be yourself. No one else will quite have the same tastes and style as you, so your best source of original and creative decorating ideas is your own imagination. Don't be scared to pick up the paintbrush and get stuck in.

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