How to create a luxury bedroom

Decorating your own home can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you're a fan of plush interiors, vibrant colours or ultra-luxe bedding, there are plenty of ways to turn your bedroom into a truly heavenly space.

If you're seeking some bedroom design ideas, here are some suggestions that will ensure a luxurious sleep, every night!

Neutral luxe

Shades of white are frequently embraced by homeowners. In order to achieve a heavenly feel, consider opting for some warmer tones.

Rather than off-white, which can offer a clean yet austere vibe, opt for cream. A rich, soothing shade such as Resene Half Canterbury Clay is the perfect pick. With undertones of camel, brown and ochre, this hue lends a wonderful warmth that will turn a boring bedroom into a brilliant boudoir.

However, you don't want the room to look washed out. Therefore, it's a sound idea to offset the colour with accessories in brown hues, akin to Resene Half Mondo or Resene Barista. A large, fluffy rug, mohair throw and framed mirror look great in brown.

Natural materials

Natural materials, such as wood, look great in bedrooms. For one thing, wooden floors are easy to clean.

However, it's more than practicalities that make this flooring option a smart pick for the bedroom. When paired with white, charcoal and moss green accessories and curtains, wood can really shine and create a cosy den. Nodding off to sleep in a room that embraces these peaceful, neutral hues is certainly a relaxing endeavour.

Consider using this material on more than the floors, however. For instance, a light-grey wood feature wall can look charming, while a bed frame, mirror or antique dresser in this material will tie the theme together nicely.

There are plenty of shades to choose from, from cool grey to rich mahogany.

Sweet scents

Soothing paint colours on the walls, whether light or bright, are essential for a luxurious bedroom.

While visuals are important, remember to impress your other senses – especially smell.

A bedroom that's painted beautiful shades of cream or maroon and has a perfectly comfortable bed is going to fail in the luxury stakes if it has an unpleasant owner or is damp.

Frequent ventilation will keep the space feeling and smelling fresh. You might wish to add locks to your windows so you can keep them ajar throughout the day. Another option is an automatic skylight, which will help get more light into the room. If you go for this option, consider installing a blind over the skylight to avoid bright streetlights or a full moon disturbing your shut-eye.

Next, focus on adding some subtle scents. Geranium, lavender and patchouli are classic choices. You can place drops of essential oil on pillows in any of these scents to enjoy sweet dreams. Alternatively, add essential oil and water to a spray bottle. Give it a good shake and spray around the room at your whim.

Candles that let off scents such as vanilla, orange or cinnamon are a real treat, while diffuser sticks are equally popular!

Glitzy finishes

You can't go past gold when you want to create a truly luxurious bedroom.

Be careful not to invest in too many gold-themed pieces, as it could look tacky rather than elegant. Instead, choose duvet covers, photo frames and cushions with subtle pops of gold. A duvet with gold thread weaved through it will add a fantastic touch to any bedroom.

If you're wondering which paint colours will match gold, consider making the most of shades like Resene Oilskin or Resene Breakfree. The former is a cool grey, which will add a sense of sophistication, while the latter is a sumptuous red with magenta undertones, which would look fantastic for a feature wall.

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