How to decorate your dining room

The dining room can be one of the most difficult spaces in the house to get right from an interior design perspective.

If you have a penchant for throwing dinner parties, chances are you'll be spending a lot of time in this room – and you'll want it to be perfect.

Here are a few decorating ideas to help you create an amazing dining room.

In 2014, it's all the rage to hang large, attention-grabbing lighting fixtures over the dining room table.

These not only enable your guests to see what they're eating, but also ensure the dining room table is the focus of the space.

Some people opt for classic lighting fixtures, such as magnificent chandeliers or faux candelabra, while others gravitate towards colourful, chic lighting fixtures and rounded light shades.

If you want a bold and beautiful lighting fixture, you may want to choose a solid paint colour for the walls, rather than patterned wallpaper, so that they don't detract from it.

When it comes to colour there are myriad options. A popular choice is to use red as it stimulates the appetite and can be wonderfully cosy throughout the winter months. If all red seems too much, you could consider including it in your table settings or artworks and keeping the walls more neutral. Try Resene Pohutukawa or Resene Jalapeno to get you started.

If your dining room is a little on the darker side, a warm colour, such as soft yellow Resene Astra, can make it feel sunnier and a more comfortable space to linger in.

Have a look at a colour chart and pick the shade you think best suits the space and your unique tastes. The dining room table will be the focal point, so choose that and your table settings first and then build the rest of your colour scheme around those.

You may want to consider painting the ceiling a different, complementary colour to the four walls surrounding it. This way, when your guests look up to admire the lighting fixture, they'll have a surprise in store!

You could try matching the colour of the ceiling to the upholstery on your dining room chairs, too.

This will tie the room together and really make the colour you've chosen pop.

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