How to incorporate rugs into your home

Rugs add a sense of warmth and comfort to a home when they're made of lush fabrics, while thinner weaves of bright colours help liven up a space.

To incorporate rugs into your home, you need to give proper consideration to your interior walls' paint colours as well as your curtains. 

When it comes to interior design, it's important to consider how different elements of the room can work in harmony, and picking the right rugs for your living spaces is no exception. 

Choosing the right fabric

While certain kinds of fur can be luxuriously fluffy, there are many ethical considerations that go along with this.

When choosing rugs that won't be nagging at your conscience, opt for those made from synthetic fabrics or wool without the animal hide. 

Choosing the right fabric comes down to where you want to place your rug. If you're making an addition to your living space, this area will likely get a lot of foot traffic.

For this reason, a durable fabric is your best option. Opt for a low pile rug that will wear well over time. 

By contrast, thicker, plush materials may work in a part of the bedroom where there's less foot traffic but you want to make the space seem ultra cosy and inviting. 

Choosing the right colour 

When it comes to rugs, you need to put some careful thought into the colour. 

Rugs from the likes of Morocco are swirled with wildly bold patterns that can light up a living room, but you'll want your walls to be a shade such as Resene Biscotti or Resene Half Ash to balance this out. 

If you want a totally crisp feel, choose a rug that embraces one or two block colours. Tan, navy, moss green and burgundy work well. 

While you're aiming for some contrast between your wall colour and rug, it's even more essential to draw a contrast between your chosen rug and carpet. 

Even if you want this feature to blend in and complement your living room's aesthetic – rather than stand out from it – it's still important to select a colour a few shades darker or lighter than your carpet. 

Not only will colour bring the space alive, but so will different textures. Shag pile might not be appropriate for an area that gets a lot of traffic, but it can look great in private studies and bedrooms.

Choosing the right spot

Rugs look great in a range of places, from living spaces to kids' playrooms to hallways. 

However, it's important to carefully consider where they fit precisely in a room, particularly in relation to the furniture. To get this right, you need to buy a rug that doesn't overwhelm the room with its size, but isn't so small that it becomes meaningless. 

A large living room rug or hallway runner will look great if centred in a room. If you opt for quirkier shapes and fabrics, you can get away with placing a rug off-centre. Just don't hide it entirely beneath the coffee table!

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