How to involve your kids in your painting project

If the time has come for you to make renovations to your children's rooms, you may find they are eager to help.

From letting them select colour schemes right through to giving them a paintbrush, here are some ways you can get your kids involved in your next painting project.


If you're painting your kid's room, it's likely they'll want a say as to how it looks. Often this starts with what colour they want to paint the walls. Take them along to your local Resene ColorShop where they can browse through the Resene KidzColour range of paint colours. These shades have been specially designed for kids of all ages, and include bold bright colours along with metallic and soft pastels.

Children who gravitate towards highly pigmented neon colours may love Resene Neva, a brilliantly bright yellow-green colour that would look great paired with a more mellow blue such as Resene Sports Star.

Aspiring ballet dancers could carry this theme throughout their room with a pretty pink such as Resene Ballerina adorning the walls and framed pictures of their favourite dancers scattered throughout the space.


Before you let your kids near a can of paint, make sure it's got low levels of volatile organic compound (VOCs), or none at all. Solventborne paints contain a high level of VOCs and are best avoided. 

Choose a product such as Resene Zylone Sheen VOC Free or Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen. Open the windows to make sure the air circulates and have plenty of water on hand to drink as painting can be thirsty work. Then protect their skin and clothes with a protective outfit. Make sure there are plenty of drop cloths down, including enough leading to the nearest bathroom so they don’t drip paint on the floor as they go to wash their hands. Hand them a paintbrush and let them help you out as you paint their room. You might have to abandon your ideas of a perfect finish as their technique won't be as advanced as yours, but they'll get a great sense of achievement from helping out.

Or if you prefer to tackle the walls on your own, gather together a selection of Resene Testpots or tip out a bit of each wall colour and some small canvases, frames or ornaments and let your children paint accessories to match the rest of the room.  This also works well on furniture knobs and children’s name plates to tie the look together. Make sure you allocate them a space in the room to work in so you don’t end up tripping over them as you move around the room.  You’ll end up with accessories perfectly matched to your paint colour without having to spend endless hours shopping trying to find just the right colour.

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