How your colour personality can dictate your interior design

Many people find themselves naturally gravitating towards certain colours, tones and styles when it comes to their interior design. This can appear in everything from paint choices through to furnishings and artwork, and you may not even realise you favour certain hues over others.

Research suggests our colour preferences may actually be driven by our personalities, and can tell us a lot about our personal style. To find out your colour personality take a look at the Resene test based on Johannes Itten's seasonal concepts, and read the following information to help you style your home.


Spring colour personalities love light, airy homes with plenty of windows and natural light. They opt for fresh, bright colours complemented by light coloured wood – there is rarely a dark or moody room in their houses. These people also often have green thumbs, meaning there are lots of fresh flowers and plants inside and outside their homes.

The spring palette is full of colours we associate with the season. That means yellows, such as Resene Gorse, act as the sunlight in the home, warming up certain areas. A whole home painted in bright yellow may be overwhelming, but balanced with cream colours and light wood it can be stunning.

Nature is also highlighted in greens like Resene Japanese Laurel. This reflects foliage in your home.

Spring personalities tend to love bringing the outdoors inside, and as such will favour French doors, ranch sliders and lightweight curtains to help bridge the gap between inside and out.


Don't be fooled by summer's abundance of bright colours and neon prints – summer colour personalities tend to favour cooler hues with grey undertones. Cool breezes and shady trees are the inspiration for a summer palette, reflected in its array of blues and greens contrasted with soft pinks and yellows.

Resene Breakwater would be perfect in a Summer home, matched with a creamy light yellow like Resene Pipi.Think subtle, cool colours without too much brightness. Keep the rest of your decor elegant and understated, with sleek lines and unfussy designs. Patterns should be discreet and subtle, if present at all.

Homes will often have high ceilings without exposed beams to make the residents feel boxed in. Balance, order and cleanliness is important to a summer personality, reflected in the home decor.


Winter personalities favour vivid deep colours contrasted with ice cool colours, along with intense black and white. This palette is strong, bold and streamlined, reflecting the season's barren landscapes, snow and cool lighting.

Red, like Resene Red Berry, is used frequently in winter homes, while softer colours like pink are not. Sharp greys like Resene Dolphin can be used to reflect the often dreary weather conditions, highlighting clean lines along with crisp black and white contrasts. Interestingly, purples make an entrance in the winter palette, with Resene Seance featured in many homes' colour schemes.

Structurally, winter homes usually have large windows, square corners and plenty of shiny surfaces like stainless steel appliances. Space is favoured and furniture is usually square, solid and of high quality.


Autumn personalities are true nature lovers, and this is reflected in the season's palette. Colours reflect the changing colour of leaves from green to orange and brown, and colours are warm and welcoming.

Resene Gold Drop eptiomises the autumn palette. It's a bold orange with warm undertones, perfectly reflecting the fiery and inviting nature of the season. Balance this with a muted olive tone like Resene Verdun Green, and keep neutrals within the brown family. Use dark wood and traditional dark leather as accents in your furniture to complete the effect.

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