Is it time to experiment with a range of materials?

Decorating your home can be great fun. Whether you're stepping into overalls to paint the kitchen ceiling or turning on your favourite tunes while rearranging your living room furniture, there are plenty of things you can do to transform your property. 

Materials such as copper and timber are frequently used in homes, while marble, porcelain and stone also make appearances.

The colour on your walls can add personality to your home, whether you opt for vivacious violet or luscious lemon. Such shades are very bold, so if you want to step back, try hues like Resene Alaska or Resene Port Phillip. Or keep your walls simple with a shade like Resene Tea, and rely on bright and bold accessories to add vitality to your living room, kitchen or master bedroom.

Here are some tips to experimenting with a range of materials. You can achieve a purely polished or totally eclectic vibe, depending on the materials you choose and where you use them.

Wood you try this?

Wood is a popular material for properties, from modern apartments to classic villas and townhouses.

No matter your dwelling type – or the era it was built in – think about playing up any natural wooden floorboards with some of the following additions.

If your dining room floorboards are a pale shade akin to Resene Doeskin, make a statement by adding a dining table that's a rich hue such as Resene Double Oilskin. Pair this with wooden chairs painted a rich black, like Resene Blackjack. A porcelain vase painted with Resene Castro will tie together these rich hues.

The contrast of pale and dark wood together is a bit daring, so think carefully before adopting this approach! However, it's sure to make your dining area pop. Try it in a single room before embracing this in other areas of the house.

Alternatively, embrace similar shades of wood in your dining area, kitchen or bedroom and add a point of contrast with polished metal finishes and a bright paint colour of your choice for a feature wall.

Block out the prints

Pairing prints together is one home decorating idea that lots of homeowners embrace. It's a quirky way to draw attention to a selected room, whether it's your living area or dining space.

However, have you considering pairing a vibrant print with a bold hue or two?

Pick a wallpaper like Resene Aurora in black grey, keep the flooring a neutral shade and pick bright rugs, vases or linen in a shade like Resene Yarra or Resene Submerge. The vibrant pattern will look fantastic with the zesty block shade of your choosing.

If you're hesitant about this approach, you could have a feature wall with the wallpaper and keep the remaining walls a simple shade such as Resene Half Blanc or Resene Half Wheatfield.

When you opt for prints – whether crazy or subdued – polished timber floorboards will help balance out the overall look. For a modern twist, add see through Perspex chairs to the space. While they're a fun addition, their lack of colour will make them blend into any room seamlessly.

Bring back glass

Glass-topped coffee tables have been popular with many homeowners, and for good reason.

They create a unique focal point and will complement a range of other materials, from wood to copper.

In the kitchen, cupboards with frosted glass doors look effortlessly chic, particularly when paired with lots of fresh, white accents. A soapstone or marble countertop in a spotted pattern will add an interesting touch, without going too far.

Just be sure to check where you use glass, in case there are small children in the household.

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