It’s time to rethink difficult shades

It's easy to opt for white or choose navy and grey for your home's interiors.

But when you're renovating, you've got plenty of opportunity to experiment! While some shades are considered safer than others, consider taking a chance with some trickier hues. 

Some of the following shades might seem a little more daring or different, but when used in the right way, they can have a striking impact in your home. Remember – you only have to be as experimental as you like. Sometimes, it's as simple as painting a single piece of furniture and seeing how you like having a particular colour in your living space, kitchen or bedroom. 

From there, you can take more liberty with tricky paint colours!

Sweet as caramel

Brown is not the first choice that comes to mind when you think about completing home renovations.

While white, cream and slate are seemingly always in vogue, other neutral hues don't always capture homeowners' attention.

However, brown is certainly a shade worthy of consideration. Caramel-laced hues are a great pick for the living room and bedroom alike, with a shade like Resene Toffee a positively perfect pick.

When using brown, make sure you pair it with the right shades to achieve a balanced effect. For instance, a shaggy brown rug and caramel-hued feature wall looks stunning with buttery cream sofas. In the bedroom, pair brown walls with white waffle bed linen and a polished timber bed frame and dresser.

This kind of shade also pairs well with yellow and red – just make sure any additional pops of colour are subtle. For instance, a brightly coloured vase or a picture frame works well, while a statement couch may be a bit much.

Tropical sunset

A tropical sunset is something to imagine fondly, but should you embrace its various hues when decorating your home?

Resene Sunset is a mid-tone red that's sure to impress, provided you use it appropriately.

Pair it with white floors, white walls and a glossy soapstone countertop for a contemporary kitchen. Add tropical sunset flair by way of a bright kitchen splashback, set of mixing bowls and breakfast bar stools.

Alternatively, pair this shade with deep navy and grey – you'll find that a red-tinged sofa or rug will help bring out the best in these darker shades.

Remember, if your selected paint or accessory colour has warm undertones, pair it with other colours that have warm undertones as well. Let this kind of shade stand out, but use it sparingly for maximum effect.

Vying for violet

Violet can seem like a tricky colour to use in your home, but if you do it properly, it sure is worth it.

This soft hue is a good pick for bedrooms and bathrooms. A shade such as Resene Strikemaster is an ideal choice – it's got hints of red and mauve, giving it more character than overly insipid, pale shades. 

Pair it with plenty of crisp white, polished wooden floors and grey and black accessories to ensure you get a feeling of sophistication.

Alternatively, opt for a richer violet shade and pair it with pale grey – a great move for accessories, while you can keep the walls tan or cream.

Seriously solar

A powerful, punchy colour like Resene Sunshade is full of light, but it can seem difficult to incorporate it into your home design.

Depending on where you use it, you'll either get a vibrant space or something that's more muted. For instance, if you use it in a room that gets a lot of sunlight, your walls will look a lot more vivacious compared to using this hue in a dark room that gets little natural light.

Pair sunshine-inspired shades with cobalt blue, off-white and black for a modern vibe.

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