Karen Walker picks up the paint brush

First it was designer clothes, then perfumes, kitchenware, appliances and jewellery.

And now you can have designer walls with the latest Karen Walker paint collection created especially for Resene.

For those who aren't familiar with the name, Karen Walker is an incredibly successful fashion designer who has made a name for herself on the world stage.

In 1995 she had just two stores, but within three years she had begun to sell to Barneys in New York, and premiered her first runway collection in the same year.

Celebrities are fans of her designs, with big names such as Lady Gaga, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet, Rihanna, Alexa Chung and Claire Danes donning the Karen Walker label.

Ms Walker received a World Class New Zealand Award in 2009 in the Creative category, and now has five stores in New Zealand and a fanbase around the world.

Now her range of paints grace the walls of homes around Australia and New Zealand with their muted, natural and stylish hues that only a professional designer could think to put together so effortlessly and beautifully.

The range took inspiration from the Bauhaus school of the 1920s, when colour palettes were chosen from an emotional point of view instead of a technical one.

Rather than tonal matches, her paint colours form stories and play against each other to create an ambience in any area.

There are seven colour stories available with tones ranging from cool blues and greys through to natural greens and browns as well as burnt orange with neutrals.

You'll be surprised at how well the colours work together once you see them side by side, and so will the visitors who come to see your new interior design scheme.

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