Liven up this winter with Resene fashion colours

Just as the last lick of winter disappears, spring rolls around and the warmth of summer greets us. 

However, when you're in the thick of a chilly winter and feeling glum thanks to drab skies, why not use this as an opportunity to brighten up your home?

When choosing paint colours, you can't go past the fashion colours range. These audacious, playful shades will reinvigorate your home, whether the bathroom's looking drab or the kitchen could do with a pick me up.

Here's the run down on which interior design colours are trending in 2014 and the respective colours in this fashion-forward range.

Feeling bubbly, feeling lovely, feeling yellow

It's a daring choice, but it's not without merit. 

Resene Spotlight is a punchy yellow that's sure to stand out. It might be best to avoid a wall-to-wall approach with this shade and instead use it in a single room, perhaps as a feature wall.

Try it in the living room if you've got furniture in neutral colours. Or liven up the laundry with a lick of this honey-wonderful hue.

Green, green, let it be seen!

Greens with mint-like hues to them are a top pick for hot colours this year, and it's not hard to see why.

A reminder of what's to come – specifically, spring – this verdant shade will offer a breath of fresh area into your home.

This shade is a perfect pick for the dining room, but the smaller details are important to make it work. Avoid other bright colours and instead stick with pale timber or concrete flooring. 

Glass and brushed metal finishes look excellent with this shade. Pick up a testpot of Resene Koru and test it out on your dining room walls. Once you've completed the paint job and arranged your dining furniture accordingly, add a bulbous vase with some freshly cut flowers to finish off the look.

Dive into coral reef colours

It's easy to revert to tan, grey or white – these colours certainly have their place.

However, if your home is feeling lacklustre, there's nothing quite like a splash of coral paint to lift the mood.

Tipped as a hot shade for 2014, coral is a vivacious blend of orange and pink that's sure to lift your spirits. Use it in the bedroom, laundry or living room. 

Coral pairs exceptionally well with cream and white, so try to embrace this colour combination if possible. Timber floors painted white as well as white furniture in a range of materials will look striking against coral walls – think a semi-Scandinavian vibe, but with an extra hit of colour.

When picking paint, go for a shade such as Resene Rapture. This playful, vibrant shade will warm up any part of the home it's used in.

Alternatively, paint key living spaces neutral, creamy shades and reserve your selected coral hue for a slightly wild but uplifting hallway!

Smell the scent of lilacs

It might appear to be a soft shade of lilac, but there is something very assuring about Resene Morepork. This dusky shade can be used in virtually any room in the house and adds a gentle warmth to any space.

Pair it with white for a fresh feel overall or use it in tandem with deep grey and black for a more daring look.

A black ceiling, lilac walls, polished timber floors and gold fittings will all work together to make for a divine kitchen space – just don't forget to include plenty of storage!

Use this trend-setting colour in the bedroom with cream linen flecked with gold thread for a hint of sophistication, or reserve it for a single feature wall about the bed's headboard.

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