Looking after your interior painted surfaces

After you've gone through the process of choosing your new colour scheme and either had a professional do the work or you've gone down the DIY path, you'll want to know how to best look after that gorgeous new paint!

Resene has specific products designed especially for the care of Resene paints, such as Resene Interior Paintwork Cleaner.

If you've picked up one of these bottles from your local Resene ColorShop, then you may have already had an overview of how to use it with maximum efficiency.

The concentrated formula requires dilution before use. If your walls are only a little dirty or you're just doing a regular clean, dilute the solution at a ratio of one part cleaner to 60 parts water. For medium levels of dirt aim for one part cleaner to 50 parts water (that's around one teaspoon to a cup). If the walls are in need of a serious clean, dilute the cleaner with a one to 40 ratio.

No dilution is required for the Resene Interior Paintwork Cleaner that comes ready to use.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to dip into the solution of cleaner and water. Avoid saturating the cloth however as this can lead to runs and streaking.

If you're using a spray pack, you can apply this cleaner directly to the surface that you wish to clean.

Use light strokes to thoroughly wipe the area clean, taking care to remove any excess solution and wringing out the cloth into an empty bucket before dipping it into the detergent solution again.

To keep away any niggling streaks, give the entire surface a once over with a clean dry cloth in the direction of the paint.

Remember that a quick dust with a feather duster can do a surprisingly good job in between regular detergent cleans.

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