Make a roar with animal prints

Animal prints are far from a come-and-go fad – instead, they've lasted the test of time and continue to be a staple in many homes.

From rugs to furniture covers, anything that's animal print-inspired can add a zesty touch to living spaces and bedrooms alike. 

In order to keep up your ethical credentials, opt for faux fur when picking animal print-themed accessories! Here are some decorating ideas for embracing this zany aesthetic in your home.

Create a focal point

One way to really play up animal prints is to create a focal point in a space. 

This is a great technique for the living room, which can often become visually cluttered.

A large sofa with a quirky print is the perfect pick, while a rug with zebra stripes or leopard spots can also have big appeal.

In order to make the focal point truly stand out, be sure to pick the right colours for other elements of the room, such as the walls and the curtains. 

Consider paint colours such as Resene Quarter Mondo, Resene Sandcastle and Resene Eighth Colins Wicket, they are all colours that will perfectly complement a range of animal prints. From rich tan shades to warm browns, there are plenty of neutral shades that will make any living space look incredible, while still letting your focal point steal the limelight!

Hang a painting

Perhaps fabric with animal prints doesn't quite appeal. However, you're still keen to embrace the animal kingdom and all its wonder.

Why not hang artwork of one of an animal that speaks to you?

Alternatively, a framed watercolour of an animal print can look equally stunning and add a welcome pop of fun to any space, without being too invasive. 

Another option is to select textured faux fur and have this framed as a quirky piece of art for your walls, without overdoing a space with safari-themed prints. 

Make it clash

Lots of people say you shouldn't wear pink with red, but in same cases the clashing shades actually look fantastic against one another. 

Just as with the combination of these two hues seeming counterintuitive, you might think that mixing animal prints is a bad idea.

However, clashing prints can look great – think spots, zigzags and stripes all working in a haphazard harmony together.

They key with this approach is not to pick too many large items, as you'll quickly overdo the look. Instead, focus on finding an array of small-ticket items, such as hallway runner rugs, bold lampshades, cushions and throws. This way, you can play up a range of prints with ease.

Pair a print with a block colour

If you're hesitant about introducing a number of different prints to your living space, don't back away just yet. 

Prints look fabulous with bright, bold shades of pink, tangerine and ocean blue. The natural tones in the print paired with the electric hue of your choice makes for a fantastic contrast in your living room or bedroom. 

It's a must to pick a single bright shade and use this for one or two larger items – think a sofa and perhaps a lounge chair. Then, bring in your animal print with a playful oversize rug or collection of cushions. 

Keep walls a neutral shade, such as Resene Tea, to obtain maximum impact without going overboard.

Finally, make sure there's plenty of light in the space to get the colours in their best light.

Snore like a lion

Don't forgot about the bedroom when going wild with animal prints.

If you want to add a playful touch without making significant aesthetic changes, paint your bedroom walls off-white and invest in animal print sheets – whether you take inspiration from a leopard or a lion – topped with a white waffle duvet cover.

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