Make your rental house feel like a home

One common problem many renters come up against is the desire to make a property feel more personal despite strict decorating rules. Many landlords have policies in place against changing the paint colours or putting holes in the walls, so it can be tricky to add your own flair to a property.

However, there are simple ways you can update your house without getting into trouble with the home owner.


While some landlords won't let you update the wall colour, they may be more lenient when it comes to the curtains. If your current drapes are looking a little more drab than fab, ask if you can replace them with a set that's a little more appealing. Offer to store the existing curtains in safe place and re-hang them when you depart the house.

If your walls are neutral colours, curtains can make a huge difference. If you like dramatic designs, look at Resene Artiste for a quick way to add a splash of summer to any room. The dandelion design will add a point of difference to the starkest of wall colours!


Another way to add colour and patterns to your house is through your furniture. When you can't paint the walls, why not paint your kitchen table and chairs? Go for a bright, funky colour such as Resene Bright Spark and light up your dining room.

Soft furnishings such as cushions can also be changed out to make way for designs more suited to your personal taste. Choose contrasting or complementary patterns and colours to instantly make a house feel more like home. If you love your rooms to have a matching uniformity, you can even have your favourite Resene Curtain fabric made into cushion covers.


An often-overlooked part of a room is the floor. Consider yours to be your fifth wall, and treat it accordingly by decorating it with interesting and unique rugs. Whether it's a multicoloured woolen masterpiece or a sleek black design, a good rug can make you feel right at home. What's more, you can change it out every now and again, replacing it with another design to completely change the vibe of your room.


Door knobs, cabinet handles and light fixtures can all be temporarily updated with more personalised options when you move into a rental property. Just make sure to keep all the original hardware in a safe place and re-install them when you vacate the premises.

Kitchen drawers and cabinets can look quirky with bright, uneven handles and knobs, or you could make the space seem more chic and modern with sleek stainless steel options.


Artwork is a quick and easy way to make a house feel like your own. Add your favourite paintings to the walls, or even create your own works of art using Resene testpots.


Don't just stop with your interior – you can decorate your outdoor areas to make yourself feel more at home, too. Paint your pot plants yourself to get the exact colour you want, and let the flowers and bright colours light up your garden.

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