Marketing tips for tradies

Whether you're embarking on a new business venture of looking for a way to add to your existing clientele, it's time to talk marketing.

While some business is generated for tradespeople via word of mouth, it's a great idea to advertise your services in other ways.


Signs are always a great way to advertise business. It's common to see signs in construction areas displaying the name and logo of the company undergoing the work, and this can be a cost-effective way of reeling in new customers.

You can also display signs on your property, or those of clients whose buildings you are currently completing work on. You can hire a sign writer, or use the Resene free service to access corflute board and magnetic signs via your Resene representative.

Keep in touch

Simple social interactions can easily turn into networking events when you have a business card on hand. It's one of the easiest and best ways to share your information with an interested party, so make sure you carry some around with you wherever you go.

After you've completed a job, leave business cards at the home to help encourage word-of-mouth marketing. It may be a good idea to check back in with the client after a month or so to ensure they are satisfied with the work – this will not only show you are committed to customer satisfaction, but it will also encourage clients to remember you and the work you've done.

Get online

Technology has advanced so much that often when a person is looking for a specific service these days, the first place they'll look is the internet.

Set up a website for your business and make sure you have examples of work you've done plus several ways customers can contact you. If you have positive customer reviews of your work, publish these online too. Websites should be made smartphone-friendly and include a simple 'click to call' button for ease of use.

Another smart option is to ensure your business features on Google Maps. This is one of the first results that pops up after a Google search, so it pays to have your company featured here.

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