On trend – citrus tones

One of the newest trends to make its way into homes is that of fresh, bright citrus tones.

These bright colours are turning up in stores and making for great pops of colour in popular interior design trends.


Unlike the duller orange that was in fashion in the 70s (when it was often paired with chocolate browns), the 21st century oranges are bright colour accents like those you would find in a fruit bowl.

Close cousin tangerine was last year named as the 'colour of the year' by the Pantone Institute in North America.

The reason it works so well is because orange is a dramatic colour that can work in several colour schemes. It will often be paired with greens, creams and whites or deep blues. 


Lime is another hue straight from the fruit bowl, but not one for the faint of heart.

A splash of lime paint will dramatise any area or room and can be enhanced with lime accents around the house in the form of vases, cushions, fruit bowls, or as part of a curtain colour scheme.

This tone works well with navy blues, other bright colours, natural browns and beiges, or as a dramatic offset to traditional black.


Last in the fruit bowl is sunny and bright lemon.

It is said that a lemon scent in the home will make everything seem fresher and cleaner, and the same goes for a lemon colour on the walls.

A crisp, clear lemon can be used in small spaces to great effect as it has the ability to brighten up, and therefore give the illusion of space, to any room.

Sunny yellow tones work well with other citrus tones for an ultra-bright look, or can be used purely as accents next to creams.

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