Paint colour trends for 2014

Homeowners undergoing renovations in 2014 may want to consider the hottest new trends in paint colours before getting stuck in. From radiant orchid through to sleek slate, there are no limits when it comes to sprucing up your home this year.

Radiant orchid

Officially announced by world colour experts Pantone as 2014's Colour of the Year, radiant orchid looks set to light up everything from clothing through to home decor this year.

The colour is said to inspire confidence and exude feelings of love, joy and health, with a unique blend of fuchsia, purple and pink creating a warm, bright tone.

The colour is eye-catching and demands attention, so use it in areas in your home you want to really make pop. Whether it's a beautiful pink coffee table highlighting an otherwise subdued living room or a standout wall dressed up in the hue, your home will instantly feel brighter, bolder and more beautiful.

The colour can be used as a complementary shade with others such as Resene Forest Green. Let the fuchsia stand out against the green's deep, muddy tones and wow guests with your on-trend design nous.

Last year's top colour, emerald green, will remain a hit in 2014 and can be used on everything from feature walls through to cushions, rugs and artwork. The Resene The Range fashion colours is a collection of on trend colours so you can pick and choose your favourites.


This year design looks set to build on the recent popularity of industrial trends, with slate a hot colour for everything from walls to flooring, and especially appliances.

Resene Half Chicago is a great colour to use anywhere you want to add a modern, industrial chic vibe. Add polished concrete floors for an extra nod to the trends, and finish off with statement furniture pieces in stark, sleek lines and neutral colours.

Slate looks great paired with white and cream, and can be livened up with bright colours such as red, yellow and blue.


Blue tones are creeping back into the modern design aesthetic, with paint colours taking inspiration from the clear skies and calm seas of summer.

For a pale, green-tinged take on the trend, try Resene Reservoir in your home. This would look especially great as an accent colour when teamed with crisp whites and sunny yellows. Consider using it to update your kitchen or study, whether it's painted on the walls or more subtly covering chairs or other furniture.

For those who like deeper, bolder hues, Resene Submerge could be the blue for you. It's almost navy in colour and would look fantastic covering floorboards in any home, especially when teamed with cream and wood colours.

If you do choose to go with a seaside theme in your home, use various shades of blue and green to emulate the surf. Pops of yellow can represent the sand and sunshine, with a white or taupe backdrop providing the perfect base for the bolder colours to really stand out.


Vintage and retro styling is still very popular, especially when colours are kept light and playful. A pastel palette can make your home look chic without being too kitschy, so consider adding tones such as Resene Sentimental and Resene Breeze to your interior design scheme.

Soft candy-coloured tones are perfect for a retro look and in the kitchen with the wealth of colourful cookware now available. Paint jars, the tops of wooden spoons, tables and chairs. Our wall in Resene Divine, shelves in Resene Melting Moment, table in Resene Reservoir, pink jar in Resene Glamour Puss and orange jar in Resene Guggenheim. The fabric is the Resene Curtain Collection fabric Abstraction in colour Flame.

Pale pinks, blues, purples, greens, yellows and peaches can all be teamed with white and light woody tones to create an old-school effect, but don't go overboard with too many colours. Your home shouldn't start to resemble your grandmother's wardrobe – unless you want it to, that is.

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