Paint for your bathroom

Just because your bathroom is (probably) one of the less spacious areas in your house does not mean it should get any less consideration when it comes to interior design.

On the contrary, its small size can render decorative choices that would work stunningly in a bigger room somewhat overwhelming.

For instance, coating your bathroom's walls with brightly coloured gloss paint or a shadowy hue may not be the best option.

While vibrant shades can really inject some life into large spaces, and darker colours may add some much-need drama to large rooms with lots of natural light, both could be quite overpowering in close quarters.

So, you might want to have a look at the more neutral tones that are available in the Resene colour charts.

The various incarnations of white are always modern and ever popular, but you could also try pale, pastel colours – such as Resene Reservoir or Resene Secrets – if you want your walls if you want your walls to have a bit of oomph.

If you're absolutely addicted to bold shades, however, there are several ways you can incorporate them into your bathroom without blinding your guests. You could pair brightly coloured borders with neutral walls, try a small feature wall or paint the bathroom's ceiling with a rich colour.

This will add a little interest to the space, and could even make the room look taller!

What do your bathroom and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner have in common? They both contain "water, water, everywhere".

This is another important factor to keep in mind when choosing the right paint for your bathroom.

You'll need something that can handle getting wet, and Resene's Kitchen & Bathroom range is just the paint for the job. Available in semi-gloss (Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom), low sheen (Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen Kitchen & Bathroom) and flat (Resene SpaceCote Flat Kitchen & Bathroom), it is easy to clean, durable and has anti-bacterial silver protection with a mould inhibitor.

So, make sure you select paint colours and styles with care when designing a look for your bathroom!

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