Paint you never knew existed

Paint is no longer just about colour.

It's not even just about sheens, interior design, or simply finishing a job anymore.

These days, paint can do all sorts of things – some of them you probably don't even know about.

Here are three innovative products changing the face of paint.

Resene SpaceCote Flat Fly Deterrent

It's got all the usual great things about a Resene paint such as an environmental choice approved tick and enamel toughness, but the truly great thing about this one is that it's designed to discourage flies from sitting on the surface.

The idea is that the less flies sit, the fewer and smaller the fly spots. It will minimise unattractive and dirty fly spots on your clean walls, which helps keeps the paint finish looking great for longer.

Specially tested and accredited in the lab, you can only imagine the benefit of this paint during the summer months. 

Resene Fresh Air Carparking

Ignore the dull title, this paint choice is anything but.

This paint actually eats pollution.

It is a semi-transparent satin waterborne topcoat with photocatalytic pigments, designed to break down NOx and organic atmospheric pollutants when they come in contact with the paint.

Best use is inside carparks where there are plenty of these pollutants in the air.

Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path

Use this great paint indoors or out to create non-skid surfaces.

Another Environmental Choice approved paint, it's full of graded silicas tinted to a range of standard colours to match your existing colour scheme.

Apply on either bitumen or concrete for a durable finish that will help prevent slips on areas of high foot traffic.

These are just a taste of the handy paints that you can now find. Ask your Resene ColorShop staff about your project and you might just find there's a clever new paint solution you never knew existed.

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