Painting your children’s rooms?

If you're planning on sprucing up your children's rooms, you can make the whole process a lot more fun by getting them involved.

The interior design of your children's rooms does not (necessarily) have to be in keeping with that of the rest of your house.

This is their personal space, and you can't let them put their stamp on it by allowing them to choose how it's decorated.

Ask your children what their favourite two colours are. Then, check out Resene's range of paint online and help them to pick a few shades that you both think would look great in their room.

You can use one as the main colour, and the other to border the walls or paint the room's window frames.

Other options might include creating a feature wall with one colour, or painting two walls with a single hue and the remaining walls with another.

If you're really not a fan of your children's taste in bedroom designs and paint colours, you can always steer them in a more palatable direction.

For example, if one of your children decides that he or she wants a yellow room, you could encourage them to choose a pale version of this hue, such as Resene Shooting Star, or one that is tinted with another colour, such as Resene Sing Song.  Or incorporate their favourite colour on part of the room, such as a feature wall and then complement it with a much lighter shade or neutral colour on the rest of the walls.

And getting your children to help pick the colours of their walls is just the beginning. You could also involve them in painting their room's furniture, so that everything works wonderfully together.

Giving your children's rooms a new lease on life doesn't have to be a chore – it can be an exciting project that you execute as a team.

They will have a great time searching through all of the different shades available on the Resene KidzColour Chart, and you can rest assured that they will adore their beautiful new rooms!

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